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    The Trump agenda enrages the Left in much the same manner that Obamacare, the Obama tax hikes, Obama’s liberal Supreme Court picks, and the Iran nuclear deal goaded the Right.

    Yet the current progressive meltdown is about more than just political differences. The outrage is mostly about power — or rather, the utter and unexpected loss of it.
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    It was never going to work. The first black President needed to be a traditional politician.

    Doesn't matter what election-year. He/she needed to be a DC 'swamp' denizen. -The same kind of Dem-centrist that usually put a lot of black people to sleep. Sure, some celebration of skin-color... but no radical leftist agenda.
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    Since when has identity politics, class warfare, higher taxes, more regulation, bigger government, governmental over-reach/corruption, green energy, pathetic treaties and agreements, attacks on fossil fuels and the list goes on policy positions ever put a dollar in your pocket, helped you buy a car, a house or anything for that matter, educated your kids, or lower your insurance premiums, start a business, or reach YOUR American dream?

    NEVER! These people are bankrupted! Voting these people out of office would be the best thing for anyone who values SELF-INTERESTS, FREEDOM and LIBERTY.
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