ROGER STONE Blasts Deep State and DNC Hacks Following Dismissal of “Russian Hoax” Lawsuit Against Him and Trump Campaign

On Thursday Federal District Court Judge Ellen Huvelle, a Clinton appointee, tossed a junk lawfare suit by DNC hacks alleging the Trump campaign and Roger Stone colluded with Russia during the 2016 campaign.

Judge Huvelle said in her ruling that the allegations of conspiracy were insubstantial to proceed in a court

Today Roger Stone sent The Gateway Pundit his statement on the news that the lawsuit was thrown out

"I am gratified and delighted that yesterday the United States District Court in our nation’s capital issued a ruling dismissing the “sore loser” lawsuit filed against me and the Donald Trump campaign. This affirms my faith that the possibility of justice, though its wheels grind slowly, remains alive and well in our nation’s judiciary."

This is not only a crushing defeat for the Ivy League lawyers who abused the legal process in the filing of this action but also for the phalanx of deep state partisans who filed a misleading amicis brief with the Court.

Among the losers are John Brennan – Obama CIA Director, James Clapper – Obama Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper – Obama Director of National Intelligence, Michael Hayden – Former NSA and CIA Head Michael Morrell – Former Acting CIA Head