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  1. #1 Adam Schiff Drops The Hammer And Tells Mueller To Subpoena Trump and John Kelly 
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    Adam Schiff Drops The Hammer And Tells Mueller To Subpoena Trump and John Kelly

    Posted on Sun, Jul 8th, 2018 by Jason Easley
    Adam Schiff Drops The Hammer And Tells Mueller To Subpoena Trump and John Kelly

    Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is calling on Special Counsel Robert Mueller to subpoena both President Donald Trump and his Chief of Staff John Kelly.

    Schiff tweeted:

    Adam Schiff @RepAdamSchiff

    President will never willingly submit to an interview because his lawyers know that he‘ll either incriminate himself or fail to tell the truth. White House stonewalling is unacceptable. If Mueller needs their testimony, it’s time to subpoena Trump and others, including John Kelly

    Michael S. Schmidt @nytmike

    NEW: Rudy puts down new parameters for Trump interview w/ Mueller. WH putting the brakes on chief of staff Kelly meeting with Mueller. All part of larger shift in legal and public relations strategy. w/@maggieNYT

    12:47 PM - Jul 8, 2018

    Rep. Schiff’s tweet came in response to Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s latest song and dance avoidance of having his client sit down and interview with Robert Mueller. Giuliani offered up a laughable claim that he and Trump aren’t trying to dodge Mueller until after the midterm elections when it is clear that they are doing everything that they can think of to make sure that the President Of The United States will not talk to the man who is investigating him for collusion with Russia during the 2016 election, obstruction of justice, and who knows how many potential financial crimes.

    Trump will lie to Mueller, and there is also a high probability that he will incriminate himself.

    If Democrats win control of the House in November, it will be Adam Schiff will be leading the House Russia investigation. Trump is a president on borrowed time because if Robert Mueller doesn’t get him, there is a good chance Rep. Schiff will.
    He's under no obligation to sit down and answer questions to someone who is on a fishing expedition intended to find some reason to indite him. Either you have the information to indite for a crime or you don't. If not then you don't get to fish for some reason to claim he's "lying". It's that simple.

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    1. Please, God, make it so. nt
    thegoose (873 posts)

    7. Yes! It's so obvious he's attempting to wriggle his huge orange ass out of the vise

    Which would be quite an achievement in itself. But when he sends Ghouliani back out to babble even more insane nothings, we know we're closing in.

    Go get him, sir!
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    2. Absolutely!!

    This+100x more. It's time to bring charges or at least some indictments. A sitting pres shouldn't be able to stack the supreme court of the land to cover his own ass. Especially when the pick is so out of the norm as to be a detriment to the people of America for a generation to come. Even Gorsuch's appt should be viewed w a jaundiced eye and somehow rescinded or he resign. It was all the result of a stolen election and foreign intervention in our Democratic Process...for just this end. All of this needs to come to a screeching halt until we find out what's what.
    Good Job Mr Schiff.
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    6. And when Dems take the House it is Rep Maxine Waters who will chair the

    Committee that can & will subpoena Trump's Taxes.

    To Gain the Dem Majority in the House, where shit will hit the fan on day 1.
    Once he was accused of leaking Schiff went quiet, and only comes out when there is bad news for Democrats. Must be the Supreme Court Pick that he's responding to today.
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    His hammer is about as big as his brain.
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    pssst, DU... You forgot Schiff is on-tape from last Winter, getting clowned by a couple of Russian comedians, falling for fake Trump-photographs.

    You wanna go-on propping-up Schiff, be my guest... He's an absolute nerf.

    I like how he's soooooo in-tight with the FBI in those days, contrasted by what-we-know about its 'top echelons' now. Double disgrace.
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    Dream on, you silly juvenile liberals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry Old White Man View Post
    His hammer is about as big as his brain.
    Which isn't very big. Who cares what Schiff thinks? He's a Dem toad.

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    On what grounds will the subpoena be issued?
    Liberals! The real fascists.
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    So suppose Trump does get subpoenaed, sits down, and refuses to answer questions. Do you idiots think Mueller can actually do anything about that?
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    BTW, for all DUpipo's high-fiving and arm-flab-flapping, Schiff's empty threat made any such action by Mueller's team an openly partisan act. It would also play into a strategy that at least some Rs seem to have prepared and started, of making Mueller an election campaign "Where's the beef?!" issue.
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    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol View Post

    He's under no obligation to sit down and answer questions to someone who is on a fishing expedition intended to find some reason to indite him.
    I can see the line of questioning going something like this:

    Mueller: Mr President, on Sept 23, 2016 you had lunch at your resort at Mar-a-Lago. what did you have for lunch?

    Trump: I had a Caesar salad and a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

    Mueller: and how would you say the soup was?

    Trump: Pretty good

    the line of questioning continues for about 20 minutes then

    Mueller: Mr President, getting back to the lunch you had at Mar-a-Lago on Sept 23, 2016, can you describe how the Chicken noodle soup was?

    Trump: It was very good

    Mueller: Mr President, You previously stated, under oath, that the chicken noodle soup was pretty good. Now you are stating under oath that the chicken noodle soup was very good, and therefore have lied under oath. I have no further questions and will be referring my report to Congress with the recommendation of starting impeachment proceedings against you for lying under oath.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlaGator View Post
    On what grounds will the subpoena be issued?
    That Hillary will never be president.
    Not PTArmigan. Just Anti Anti-gun.
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