Black dads catch a lot of flak for being absentee deadbeats, but one Louisiana father is bucking that stereotype. Not only is this black dad a part of his children’s lives, he’s teaching them valuable life lessons. After finding out his kids didn’t have any money to pay for a prostitute, the dad tossed his kids out of the car. If you don’t have papa’s ho money, you walk home. When these kids grow up to be astronauts, scientists, and Presidents of the United States, they will thank their dad for his tough love. reports that witnesses saw a black man stop his car in New Orleans and force 3 kids out on the street. As the man drove away the one of the crying children latched onto the bumper and was dragged for a block before falling off. A little further up the road, the man stopped the car again and tossed out a fourth child. This may seem like a case of child neglect and abuse, but as we will soon learn, it’s a little thing we call parenting.

The black man behind the wheel was 57-year-old Kenneth Watson and the kids he dumped on the street are his children. Apparently he was spending some quality time with the kids in the wee hours of the morning when he decided to pick up a woman who was definitely not the children’s mother