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  1. #1 Lord Mayor Of Sheffield Bans Trump From Entering City 
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    Liberals are hopping mad that they have been unable to prevent President Trump from visiting the U.K. next week.

    Activists have spent months organizing mass protests at the behest of London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan and Trump is expected to receive a rude welcome to a land where the official language would be German were it not for the United States Of America.

    Khan’s reign has been a bloody dumpster fire with an increase in crime including a spate of knife attacks. The mayor’s solution? Ban knives but God forbid, do not utter a peep to denounce radical Islam. Khan has done his damned level best to sink Trump’s visit to jolly old England including calling for him to be banned from his city but has been reduced to throwing hissy fits just like his American liberal buddies.

    But while Khan hasn’t succeeded, the mayor of the industrial city of Sheffield and himself a Muslim (and a refugee too) has declared that the leader of the free world would be banned from the city

    The Brits hate the U.S. because we pulled their asses out of two world wars !

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    1. I don't think he has the authority to carry out his "ban".

    2. From what I've seen of Trump's travel plans, he won't be within a hundred miles of Sheffield.

    IOW, his "ban" is just empty mouthing off.
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