Last week on the 4th of July, a Hispanic man was beaten with a brick and told to go back to his own country. This seems like the perfect liberal ďTrump and his supporters are racist xenophobesĒ kind of story, yet there has been no massive freak-out on the left over it. Oh, I just noticed the attacker was black. That explains why this isnít creating outrage from coast-to-coast. Itís only an unforgivable hate crime when white people do it.

CBS LA reports that on the evening of July 4, in a really shitty area of Los Angeles, 92-year-old Rodolfo Rodriguez went out for a stroll. As he tells it, he accidentally bumped into a toddler as he tried to pass on the sidewalk. The toddlerís mother, a big angry black woman went ballistic and pushed the Hispanic man to the ground. She then started wailing on him with a brick or some kind of concrete paver. Did she carry this brick with her or was it something handy that she grabbed in the heat of the moment? We may never know.

Because this is how it is on the hood, a bunch of people saw a black woman beating on a Hispanic man, so 4 other random men jumped in and started kicking the shit out of him too.

A passing motorist, also Hispanic, stopped and took a picture of the black woman. She also heard the woman tell the Hispanic man, ďGo back to your country, why are you here?Ē