A suburban Cook County Pace bus driver, accused of twice sexually assaulting a passenger who was traveling from a cerebral palsy treatment center, has gone free after posting a bail deposit of just $400. And, now, the judge who lowered his bail has removed the man from electronic monitoring.

Prosecutors alleged that on at least two occasions in January, 60-year-old Burnell Johnson parked his PACE bus, covered a surveillance camera with his hat, and then sexually assaulted a 33-year-old female passenger who is visually impaired and has cerebral palsy. The victim could not give legal consent because she functions as a six-year-old, according to prosecutors. Burnell also told the woman to send sexually explicit photos of herself to him prosecutors said.

He was charged with FIVE felonies and saw numerous judges before getting out on a $400 bond:
•Judge David Navarro ordered him held without bail.

On June 12, Judge Eulalia De La Rosa reaffirmed Johnson’s no-bail status.

Three days later, Johnson was in court again—standing before Cook County Judge Stanley Hill.

According to a source, Hill asked a relative of Johnson's how much the family could afford to pay as bond. The relative—a retired court clerk who used to work in the same courthouse as Judge Hill, according to the source—said $400.