Salon has advocated for both incest and pedophilia. I donít know if this is worse, but itís definitely bad. The liberal website says itís perfectly fine if pregnant women want to abuse hardcore narcotics. Why? I donít know, but I suspect it has something to do with female empowerment. No man has a right to tell a woman what to do with her body and that includes turning her offspring into a crack baby with flippers for arms.

Hereís something that Salon proudly announced: Drug use during pregnancy is not child abuse

Yeah it is.

The issue, as Salon sees it, is that some states arrest and prosecute pregnant women for abusing drugs, charging them with child abuse. As I said, Salon canít have the patriarchy deciding how f*cked up babies should be born so they went on the offensive:

There is a popular, but scientifically disproven, belief that a pregnant womanís use of drugs harms her fetus in certain and predictable ways. In fact, the harms associated with prenatal exposure to controlled substances are indistinguishable from other factors, such as social determinants (the conditions in which people are born, grow and live) and environmental factors (poverty, lack of access to medical care, malnutrition, or chronic stress), which may affect newborn health.

The writer of this piece of shit is of course using liberal science to fit the narrative. Actual science say that things like alcohol, tobacco, and drug use during pregnancy does harm the baby in very predictable ways including low birth weight, still birth, and birth defects. This is not an old wives tale like catching a cold because you didnít wear sweater