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  1. #1 Trump and Kennedy Colluded (with Russia?) to Pick Kavanaugh 
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    This is a satire by the writer of the article

    I hope you're are buckled in, because I'm about to blow your f***ing minds.

    1. President Donald Trump colluded with Anthony Kennedy to nominate Brett Kavanaugh

    2. Anthony Kennedy and Donald Trump are secret allies

    3. MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle IS IN ON IT

    4. The Kennedy/Trump Kavanaugh pick is directly tied to the Kennedy/Trump quid pro quo

    5. The Kennedy/Trump secret alliance dates back at least to 1998

    6. Trump was already a Russian agent, dating back to 1987

    7. If Trump was a Russian agent in 1998, Justice Kennedy was likely made a Russian agent AROUND THAT TIME

    8. Trump and Kennedy would only choose someone else in their Russian spy circle to replace him on the Supreme Court

    9. Brett Kavanaugh is a Russian agent who reports directly to Putin
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    You know its going to fuel a rumor and will be gospel next week backed by numerous unnamed sources.
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