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  1. #1 Stephen Miller - He has escaped far 
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    Here's why you can't believe ANYTHING liberals say about or accuse Republicans/Trump Administration officials of.


    BlueSea (50 posts)

    Stephen Miller - He has escaped far

    With so much turnover in the WH, with so many high-profile people having left, how the hell has Stephen "Goebbels" Miller managed to stay in his role? There are scandals in his past, there is dirt on him, it's out there. One wouldn't have to work that hard to follow the trail of slime that this maggot leaves in his tracks, so how has he escaped so far?

    Regardless of how, someone needs to completely destroy his career, his personal life and his future. I have confidence that someone will.
    bdamomma (47,465 posts)

    2. Welcome To DU

    BlueSea, Stephen Miller needs to be caught up in the net too, well, the spoiled brat threw away $80 worth of sushi. He is nothing but a POS.
    shraby (20,831 posts)

    3. He and the don are joined at the hip in their hatred of "the others".
    It's all about the HATE that liberals have for the "OTHERS" - their opponents who WON the election.

    They have shown that they will say and do anything to get back in power. I don't believe anything they say about anyone they are targeting.

    phleshdef (11,358 posts)

    5. I imagine an incel fuckup like him has no personal life.
    QC (26,097 posts)

    9. Bingo. There's probably no sex dirt on him.

    He seems more the type to bury himself in his life's mission, which is spreading evil throughout the land.

    JI7 (67,913 posts)

    10. Plus he lives off his wealthy parents so unlikely to get into

    Things like scott pruitt and trump.

    So he can be personally clean while pushing shit policies.
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    Have you bed wetters considered that he has escaped scandal so far because there is nothing scandalous in his past or present life?

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