highplainsdem (16,942 posts)

MSNBC just brought up "the role of misogyny" in Trump's attitude toward Merkel, May

I don't think there's any question that Trump resents powerful women.
Right. That's the lefts 'excuse' whenever President Trump or a Conservative doesn't let them get away with their stupid actions or behavior.

Liberals prove that they think women ARE NOT equal to men by whining and accusing anyone who confronts their behavior and actions of "misogyny".

Totally Tunsie (340 posts)

3. I hope this time Angela Merkel refuses to shake tRump's hand.

He's been so rude to her since the first meeting. It's time he gets the same treatment.
MFM008 (15,049 posts)

4. Thats why

He continually verbally harasses HRC.
With GOOD reason.

PearliePoo2 (6,866 posts)

5. 'Morning Joe' panel is stunned, frightened and shocked at trump's unhinged behavior!

They called him a human wrecking ball. They're asking,"Are we are witnessing the destruction of NATO?" "This is a crisis!"

They're saying that what he is doing couldn't please Putin more!

Joe said Congress should be on the Capitol Steps calling him out in front of cameras RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

What he's doing couldn't please Putin more? Just what are they talking about. I'm REAL SURE Putin wanted Trump to confront Germany and the other countries that are buying gas from Russia - putting money into their economy and then expecting the US to protect them from Russia./s

They become more unhinged and unstable every day.