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    Silence Speaks Volumes

    I am so pissed off right now. I find it increasingly difficult to find the words...

    Trump is overseas insulting our allies and playing directly into the hands of Putin. This is outrageous! Enough is enough.

    What will history say about this period of time in our country? It will not be pretty.

    Donald Trump is systematically tearing our country apart while Senate and Congressional Republicans say NOTHING. .

    It is impossible to overstate the existential threat to our Democracy. It's as if we are just standing around watching it happen.

    I will never, ever forgive those Republicans who sit in the seats of power and are silent. Not a single profile in courage.


    Ohhhh. Loooook. They have their finger in the air waving it back and forth. Shame, Shame, Shame.!!

    They're horrified that President Trump isn't letting every world leader walk all over him and the United States like Obama did. Nor is he sitting on his butt and 'leading from behind'.

    So, too bad. The idiots really think it matters what they think.
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    1. I totally agree...

    this maniac must be reeled in.
    He won. The only ones needing to be reigned in are the self righteous, holier than thou jack*sses who are still throwing temper tantrums because they didn't win and President Trump isn't bowing to their intimidation and HATE.
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    First of all, since when have the libs been fans of NATO? Did I miss something?

    Secondly, as Trump has pointed out, why is the U.S. spending money on NATO while NATO nations are buying energy from Russia? These 'allies' aren't acting much like allies.

    Lastly, what will history say about this period in American history? No one really knows until these moments become history. Even then I suspect that there will be two histories, one that the liberals believed happened and what really happened. I suspect those histories will not have very much common ground for agreement.
    Liberals! The real fascists.
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