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  1. #1 'Make them pariahs': how shaming Trump aides became a resistance tactic 
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    'Make them pariahs': how shaming Trump aides became a resistance tactic

    After another week saw leading Republicans accosted in public places, many on the left are arguing that harassment is legitimate
    Sam Wolfson Wed 11 Jul 2018 07.00 EDT

    The day after Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia, Maxine Waters, the representative for the California 43rd who has become a leader of the anti-Trump resistance within Congress, addressed a rally in Los Angeles. Up until that point, national Democratic leaders had mostly urged respectful protest in response to the Trump administration.

    “Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up,” she said to cheers from the crowd. “And if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

    Over the weekend, Steve Bannon was called “a piece of trash” by a heckler at a bookstore; a bartender gave Stephen Miller the middle finger, apparently causing Miller to throw away $80 of sushi he’d just bought in disgust; and Mitch McConnell was chased out of a restaurant in Kentucky by protesters, who followed him to this car yelling “turtle head” and “we know where you live”.

    These follow similar encounters for other members of Trump’s top team. The homeland security secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, was confronted by protesters chanting “shame” while she ate at a Mexican restaurant. Last week, Scott Pruitt was accosted by Kristin Mink while he was eating lunch. Mink, a teacher, held her two-year-old child as she asked him to resign “before your scandals push you out”. Days later, Pruitt did resign, and although he was probably asked to do so by Trump, in his letter he cited “the unrelenting attacks on me” as his reason for leaving.

    “Public shaming of Trump regime officials isn’t just useful, it’s a moral imperative in these difficult times,” says Markos Moulitsas, the founder of Daily Kos and the author of last year’s The Resistance Handbook: 45 Ways to Fight Trump, which offers practical advice for protesters and advocacy groups. “We have a Republican party that has surrendered to the Russians, encourages white supremacists and Nazis, separates families, and locks up children in cages, and we’re supposed to treat these people as respected members of society? We have no choice but to turn them all into pariahs, now and forever into the future.”
    They claim that it is about separating kids from their parents but they did nothing and said nothing when Obama did it. The didn't even say anything when there were pictures of kids in cages when The Black *ss was President.

    The JACK*SSES think they "win" with "shaming" those they disagree with and hate just like the Muslims think they "win" with they kill their daughter because she dared to wear western dress or talk to a man and shamed them (the family). And they both justify their behavior and demand that there be no consequences for it.

    That is what the Democrats have become, and their POLITICIAN LEADERS are the ones advocating and encouraging it.

    brush (17,996 posts)

    1. Let's keep it up. Maxine Waters got the word out and it's working.

    Let's keep shaming these Russian sellouts.
    It will work to get conservatives out to vote, as well.

    If someone gets hurt or killed these posts will go A LONG WAY toward being able to charge Waters as an accessory and/or for inciting violence. They are giving her credit for the harassment of conservatives because they don't agree with them politically.

    I think I'll start screen grabbing them.
    workinclasszero (24,442 posts)

    4. Totally!

    There is no normalizing people that are carrying out the separation of BABIES from their parents and locking them up in CAGES!

    The deserve NO PEACE in their evil lives ever, anywhere, anytime!

    These Trump minions are nazi bastards! Not only that they are attacking sick children, old folks and all PoC in this country!

    We must resist this evil everywhere!
    Except, however when Obama their god does it.

    mythology (8,832 posts)

    20. Working from what?

    No seriously what exactly is this supposed to accomplish? Is it supposed to make them support different policie? Is it supposed to decrease their odds of being reelected?
    brush (17,996 posts)

    21. It got one of them to resign, and ya think McConnell isn't worried...

    about hsi popularity and getting re-elected after getting run out of two restaurants in two days?

    Resistance to these nazi, white supremacist bastards has to come from as many avenues we can wage it from.

    And the most important part, which you apparently aren't aware of, is resistance is a marathon not a sprint.

    We have to keep at it (see the Civil Rights movement).
    Maraya1969 (13,849 posts)

    2. YES! I am so happy this is happening. We have been kicked down so much it is nice to see us

    fighting back and winning on some level now!4

    And if they have to become UNCIVIL THUGS to do so, well that's ok with them.

    gratuitous (61,186 posts)

    6. This administration refuses to engage with the American people

    So the American people are engaging with individuals in the Administration. When was the last time Trump held a press conference?

    I know the schoolmarms and the pitty-pats are just overcome by the incivility of it all, but when elected officials won't meet with their constituents, this is the first, most logical step. And if you're alarmed or concerned about public officials being accosted by the public in public, you're really not going to like the next steps if our public servants continue to ignore the people.
    And just what are the "next steps"? Daily beating people up or shooting them instead of just weekly or yearly?

    workinclasszero (24,442 posts) 9. "When was the last time Trump held a press conference?"

    Never I think.

    Shitler spews his hate and lies via twitter and calls that a "press conference".

    If for no other reason, we must show people in other nations that what Trump is doing is not approved of by the majority of the American people.

    A hateful, lawless, racist and traitorous cabal has seized control of our government.

    They DO NOT represent us AT ALL!
    gratuitous (61,186 posts)

    11. He did hold one

    But since then? Well . . .

    It's been about 510 days.
    He's held more than one. He's held a number of press conferences with other world leaders and when abroad. And why would he do more? He knows the press will just lie or twist what he says. Lies and unrelenting malicious criticism has consequences. Much like this idiot is lying now.

    Live stream: President Trump holds joint press conference with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari

    USA TODAY Published 12:04 p.m. ET April 30, 2018
    Full Replay: President Trump Holds Press Conference After North Korea Summit in Singapore

    Posted By Ian Schwartz
    On Date June 12, 2018
    President Trump Press Conference Before Departing For G7 Summit 6/8/18

    LisaM (22,638 posts)

    28. That's very true, and a good point.

    I have some mixed feelings about how to carry out these protests, but it's abundantly true that the members of Trump's cabinet have no interest in serving the people they were elected to represent.
    Meaning liberals demand that he do what THEY want.

    Proud Liberal Dem (17,209 posts)

    7. Is it working much though?
    NastyRiffraff (10,572 posts)

    10. They're upset

    so yes, it's working. It probably won't change their behavior but it's showing their evil to the world.
    LOL. So if conservatives do the same thing to Maxine Waters they will be showing the world Water's EVIL?

    Narcissists like the left though can and will only see things from THEIR point of view which is always the ONLY legitimate point of view.

    Aristus (42,933 posts) 8. Exactly. Make them understand that "You're not welcome here!" is not a pleasant thing to have to

    aikoaiko (27,936 posts)

    18. I can't put my finger on it but there should be some lines

    The Mouth (402 posts)

    23. Nah... next thing you know we'll throw out the filibuster in the Senate, reagardless

    of how stupid that would be *when* it came back to bite us..

    Oh, wait... snap!

    And when "revenge" happens at the ballot box they'll still claim it was "stolen".
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