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    Asylum seekers bring evidence to show the dangers of home

    An MS-13 gang member left eight voicemails on Brenda Mendez's cellphone demanding that she turn over her teenage boy. If she refused, he said, the gang would dismember both her sons.

    "I'm going to send you a finger from each hand. You are going to see what the (expletive) happens to your son," one message said. "Show up or you're dead. We know about Little Gustavo and also about your baby boy. What the (expletive)? You want him turned into pieces too?"

    The family soon fled Guatemala with hopes of getting into the United States, being careful to bring along the voicemails and a copy of the police report Mendez filed against the gang member known as El Gato.

    Other migrants are doing the same. As the Trump administration puts up more legal barriers for asylum-seekers, some immigrants take steps to arrive at the border with evidence to show U.S. authorities the dangers they are trying to escape. The documents are often carried inside protective folders, and they are sometimes all that the migrants bring with them, except for the clothes on their backs.
    Further down:

    Several years earlier, two of the family's cousins were slain

    "They were killed right in front of the house. I saw it all," Mejia said in Spanish, shaking her head in disbelief, her exhausted body slumped in a chair

    A copy of a medical examiner's record listed one man's cause of death on July 27, 2013, as homicide as a result of "various bullet wounds ."

    Prove they were your cousins. Shootings happen in front of people's houses every day in third world s***holes

    Obviously, someone would have the presence of mind to record the threats - baloney

    They pay someone from MS-13 to make the calls. Then they report it to the police who write a report but really don't want to do anything anyway. They bring this "evidence" to th U.S. and presto you are now here as an asylum seeker.
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