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The MSM was all set to celebrate the death of Reagan. Until we all took to the streets to honor him. When his body left the Rotunda and was taken to the airport for his final trip home, I am sure that they were shocked at the out pouring of love and respect for such a great man. I was truly brought to tears. I was lucky enough and very honored to serve in the Army (though only for a short time) with this man as my Commander in Chief. What was so special about that is that it happened on it's own. Now "Let's take it to the streets! Truth to Power!" shit. The only time the left can draw a spontaenous crowd like that is when they riot and want to take free stuff.

There were so many striking pictures from that day. A few of them have stuck with me since. The Hispanic Marine from the Honor Guard who was crying his eyes out as he saluted. A group of wounded GIs at Walter Reed or some other Military Hostipal standing and saluting in front of a TV set and the plane taking off to California lifted off. What got me about that picture was that a couple of the troops were in front of their wheelchairs being held up by their fellow soldiers.

Another thing that got to me was the riderless horse with a beautiful pair of riding boots in the stirrups. They were just gorgeous. At first I thought that they were cerimonial but I remembered that they had always been black. I later learned that they were President Reagan's actual riding boots and that he had had them for over forty years.

For all the dignitaries, World Leaders and former Presidents that attended, I am sure that Ronnie was most touched by two things. That throngs and throngs of people. Everyday, ordinary Americans, as commn as grains of sand took time out of their day to honor him, and that his friend, Maggie Thatcher, old and frail as she was, made the exhausting trip to pay her respects. THAT my friends, was a send off!

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Okay, if we're gonna do a Ronnie Redux, I'm gonna post something.

The poncianas bear their gay red coats
The soldiers line up in neat rows
and we still mourn though this day was promised long ago
Wind blows strange
carrying hymns I cannot understand
deserved pomp;final circumstance
the lingering death of a man
A march played for the last time
as soliders carry a mahogany box-
knowing the load borne on their shoulders
was a leader who loved them much.
The wind blows, the poncianas shed
the blooms that is their crown.
And those were the things that I saw
When Reagan last entered Washington.

(Yes, I wrote this)