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    I'm irritated that Ohio is getting all the attention from the media. I voted in the dem primary (of course), for Gretchen Whitmar (Governor) and Andy Levin (congress), plus a bunch of state and local seats. And Debbie Stabenow for Senate (she was unopposed0. Gretchen had 2 primary opponents, an Indian-born scientist/businessman named Shri Thanader and a Muslim guy named Abdul.

    But the GOP primaries for Governor and Senate are really interesting.

    For Governor:

    Current AG Bill Schutte, who was endorsed by Trump. He's probably the hardest candidate to beat. Even I give him credit for his Human Trafficking Initiative, because of how comprehensive it is. He's really pretty conservative, and if the recreational marijuana bill on the Nov ballot passes, he will look for ways to stop implementation. As AG, he's wasted a lot of time and money on fighting the medical marijuana law that is already in effect.

    State Senator Patrick Colbeck; Probably more conservative than Schutte. Endorsed by Bob Dutko, local Christian radio talk show host. Gets lots of air time from Bob.

    Current Lt. Governor Brian Calley: Snyder's guy, kind of center/right. Not quite establishment republican, though. He's running on Snyder's record on the economy. He's ignoring the Flint situation, and avoiding having to discuss it.

    I've heard Colbeck on Dutko's show. He thinks he's going to win, although he's not doing really well in the polls. He also thinks his opponent will be Abdul Sayed, who is polling way behind Gretchen and Shri (who is kind of a joke) at this point. If that is what the race comes down to, it'll be ugly. Colbeck will attack Abdul on the basis of his religion, not on any real issues.

    For Sentate:

    A conservative black guy (John James) vs a conservative white guy (Penzler? Something like that.). John James got Trump's endorsement, and the white guy is running attack ads that say that James is secretly a liberal, pretending to be a conservative. James is good-looking, for what it's worth, and will probably win because of the ugly negative ads that the other guy is running (really nasty and borderline racist). Either one will likely lose to Stabenow, but you never know.

    The race to replace Conyers is kind of interesting. It's Coleman Young, Jr (he lost badly to Duggan in the most recent mayoral race), Conyers' nephew (his son didn't get enough valid signatures to run), Westland Mayor Bill Wild and a few other assorted dems. A black preacher is running as a republican. The district is mostly Detroit, but has some suburbs in it like Westland. Jr. will likely win, but a lot of his late father's supporters don't like the kid. I could actually see Wild winning, even though he's a white suburbanite. He's likable, and he actually campaigned in the city and the burbs. Coleman didn't go to the burbs.

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    I think John James is the ex serviceman West Point grad and Apache Pilot, he seems to be pretty sharp and a good guy all around, certainly represents Black Americans so much better than most we see daily on the news. Heck without the media this would be a great country and unified

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