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    The Paul Manafort trial is in full swing, and may prove to be the first chance for special counsel Robert Mueller to prove he can secure a conviction. Things aren’t looking bad for Mueller so far, particularly since former Manafort aide Rick Gates has come out to say that he helped Manafort break the law.

    The former Trump campaign manager stands accused of a number of crimes, including money laundering, failure to file reports of financial accounts overseas and acting as an unregistered foreign agent. Most of this has to do with work he did for former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, a pro-Russia candidate.

    The Mueller team has tried to use Manafort’s ties to Russia as part of a campaign of innuendo in the courtroom, a tactic that has drawn considerable irritation from the presiding judge. Among the things brought up by the prosecution are a loan from Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and financial accounts abroad controlled by Konstantin V. Kilimnik, who prosecutors allege has ties with Russian intelligence.

    All of this, mind you, took place before Manafort became involved in the Trump campaign, where his tenure was roughly the amount of time it takes an avocado to get ripe. Let’s also note that Manafort — a former Reagan campaign worker and lobbyist — was mostly foisted upon Trump by the Republican establishment after the two sides came to the uncomfortable realization, at a late point in the primary process, that they were stuck with one another.

    For a panoply of reasons, Trump quickly came to the conclusion that Manafort wasn’t the guy for him, leading to the hiring of Kellyanne Conway — a decidedly different kind of personality than Manafort’s Washington insider vibe.

    It’s ironic, then, that Robert Mueller is the individual whose special counsel investigation is tackling the case
    Potential Russian influence ?
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    Here's the pic:

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    It looks like a pretty formal meeting, like the kind the sitting head of the FBI would have when meeting with a foreign leader to discuss counterterrorism. It's not exactly "hanging out".
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