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  1. #1 'We have to regulate every aspect of people's lives' 
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    That admission came recently from Councilman Jesse Dominguez during a meeting of the Santa Barbara City Council regarding the criminalization of the use of plastic straws.

    While no one wants old plastic straws cluttering up streets, waste dumps or oceans, Dominguez moved far beyond the usual solutions, advocating for criminal penalties.

    “Unfortunately, common sense is just not common,” he said. “We have to regulate every aspect of people’s lives.

    He later claims to have "misspoken"
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    I say we do a background check on this ass wipe, he smells like a socialist illegal to me, why would myself or any American like or have any respect for some stupid moron like this. They all came out when the kenyan pronounced he was going to fundamentally change America, by decree that is ! Normally some fool such as this guy would still be lying low and keeping his mouth shut.
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    They want to regulate every thing except immigration laws.

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