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    Quote Originally Posted by ConstitutionallySpeaking View Post
    Who is still around? I see some familiar people here, TRG, Lanie, Noonwitch, Ralph etc
    Hi, glad to see you back. You're one of the originals, the old-timers. Hope all has been well for you. I haven't been on the board much for the last month or so as we sold our house in Florida, had an "estate" sale and hauled some of the stuff back to St Louis. I'm still unpacking. WELCOME!!!

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    I don't remember when I stopped posting - did I have a son at that time?

    If not, it has been more than 9 years
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    Quote Originally Posted by ralph wiggum View Post
    Same old, different year. You missed a lot of interesting stuff. Are you still in the same neck of the woods?
    Yep - Central Michigan
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