Josh Hawley, Missouri’s incumbent Republican attorney general, secured his party’s nomination for U.S. Senate Tuesday night by a healthy margin.

Early returns saw Hawley with a clear majority of primary votes, with none of his ten opponents with more than ten percent of the vote. The results line him up for a November showdown with Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO), widely considered one of the Senate’s most vulnerable Democrats. Missouri went for President Donald Trump by more than 18 points in 2016. McCaskill only secured reelection in the Democratic wave election of 2012 after her GOP Republican challenger Todd Akin’s candidacy imploded with a disastrous interview segment on rape and abortion.

Recent polling puts the race at a true tossup. Hawley’s campaign announced in their victory statement:

Tonight the conservative people of Missouri sent a message loud and clear to the Washington elites. Missouri sent a message in 2016, but Claire McCaskill was so comfortable in her Washington condo that she couldn’t hear it. The hardworking people of our state voted in favor of conservative judges, middle class tax cuts, more jobs, secure borders. Claire McCaskill didn’t listen then, and she refuses to listen now. This fall, we have another chance to make our voices heard – and send her home for good.

The same statement challenged McCaskill to a series of one-on-one unmoderated debates in the leadup to November’s vote