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  1. #1 Judge blocks administration from deporting asylum seekers -- 
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    JHC, what a friggen waste of time.

    By Tal Kopan, CNN
    Updated 6:45 PM ET, Thu August 9, 2018

    Washington (CNN) A federal judge on Thursday erupted at the Trump administration when he learned that two asylum seekers fighting deportation were at that moment being deported and on a plane to El Salvador.

    DC District Judge Emmet Sullivan then blocked the administration from deporting the two plaintiffs while they are fighting for their right to stay in the US -- reportedly excoriating the administration and threatening to hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt.

    The government raced to comply with the court's order, and by Thursday evening the immigrants had arrived back in Texas after being turned around on the ground in El Salvador.

    Sullivan agreed with the American Civil Liberties Union that the immigrants they are representing in a federal lawsuit should not be deported while their cases are pending.

    The emergency hearing in the case turned dramatic when attorneys discovered partway through the hearing that two of their clients were on a plane to El Salvador.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    The list of obstructionist judges is getting longer each week.
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    DC District Judge Emmet Sullivan
    We need to start making a list.
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