Hamlette (13,386 posts)

The Trump people I have marginal contact with are backing off.

They don't engage. Say things like "some of the things he does make me mad but he's my president". Try to engage me in non-political ways where before it was Trump in my face all the time.

One started on a death penalty case and how he was finally going to die after getting free room and board for 16 years or something. I explained how the death penalty costs more than putting someone in prison with no parole and anyway, it is barbaric and we should join the rest of the civilized world and get rid of it and she agreed with me! A couple other Trumpers who I don't know posted some stupid ass "they don't even deserve a trial" and the first Trumper came to my defense. She started sounding like me by the end of the day.

Hearing that Trump is hiring people to go to his rallies and some Trumpers not acting so bold right now, I'm thinking this Trump shit is losing steam. I tend to think it was the kids in cages. At first they defended it but quickly they became more and more silent. Now they act like my friend and avoid talking about Trump. Or say "yeah, he pisses me off sometimes too".

Anyone else seeing this? Know that my only contact with Trump voters this time of year is on facebook. But I communicate there with my relatives who are Trumpers as well as people who I share other interests with (glass blowers). Will be interesting to see how the holidays play out with them this year.
Liberals act like unhinged thugs. And then they think that because Trump supporters chose NOT to engage with them that it's because they are turning away from President Trump. LOL

drm604 (16,225 posts)

1. This is good to hear.

I think at least some people are starting to wake up.