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  1. #1 Major TV Factory’ Closes, Blames Trump’s Tariffs 
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    The establishment media and a TV manufacturer are blaming President Trump’s tariffs on cheap, Chinese imports for the closure of the company whose product is made in China.

    This week, the establishment media has used the closure of Element Electronics, a small manufacturing plant in Winnsboro, South Carolina, where 126 workers will be laid off, to attack Trump’s tariffs on imported Chinese goods.

    In a statement about the layoffs, Element Electronics executives said the announcement is due to Trump’s tariffs on imported Chinese goods, writing, “the layoff and closure is a result of the new tariffs that were recently and unexpectedly imposed on many goods imported from China, including the key television components used in our assembly operations in Winnsboro.”

    The only problem with the media’s claim? This “last major TV factory,” as Time Magazine described Element Electronics, makes its products in China and only assembles some of its television sets in South Carolina
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    A sign that China isn't doing so well in the tariff-war:

    Inventing stories that say America isn't doing so well in the tariff-war.

    Don't mean to sound discompassionate, but this isn't the Obama-economy anymore. At 3.8% unemployment, laid-off workers will find new jobs relatively quickly. So the propaganda falls flat.

    96 headlines from the top left-leaning business-site since Tuesday:

    Nothing about it.
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    Being laid off won't be pleasant for those 126 workers. The chances they will find other, similarly (or better) remunerative jobs quickly is high, however.

    That said, that is not a "major TV factory". It's a screwdriver plant where minor modifications or assembly are done. Much like Apple Computer's screwdriver plant was/is in Elk Grove, CA.
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