As far as I know 48 states allow bail with few restrictions. The judge is free to impose nearly any amount of bail regardless of the (presumed innocent) defendant's ability to pay the bail or a 10% bond. This leads to some people who are actually innocent being held in jail until their trial, dropping of charges or plea deal. New Jersey and Alaska have abolished bail for the most part with judges instead holding without bail or freeing them with conditions such as monitoring or house arrest.

I had a relative in jail on serious charges; I was asked to put up part of $10,000 (10% of 100k) for their release. I refused. A plea deal was reached with prison time. Of course the 10% is never seen again by the people who pay for it.

This article goes into detail about how unfair (in their opinion) the bail system can be. They blame the bail industry for working against reform. What the article does not name are the legislators who are actually to blame. Collette Richards and Drew Griffin, the reporters really screwed up this article in my opinion.