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    Since my trip to Gettysburg, I've been reintroducing myself to Civil War history and I've been watching this documentary series again. Say what you want about Burns but this was brilliantly done. The rest of his work is leftist drivel. His documentary on baseball was the most disappointing thing I've ever seen. 60% blacks being banned from the major leagues, 30% history of the Boston Red Sox, 10% everything else. But the Civil War is brilliant.
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    I like the online historical photo collection, one of the photos that really caught my eye was one taken at a large Union Army post, the mess hall although still built in the mid 1800s was never the less pretty modern. They were using piped steam and cooking in very large cauldrons just as they have done since that time. The reason I know it was steam is because you can clearly see the piping running overhead and to the vessels. The kitchen itself did not look so modern but was really pretty empty other than some tables but it was clean and painted and ultra modern for that era. So somewhere nearby had to be a boiler which probably also provided heat in winter time. I still have a problem with the slavery thing being the cause of the civil war, it was a war for rule over a lot of territory and the slavery issue never came to the front until much later in the war. The south fought for survival not rule, another issue that came to mind is the leaders hanging the conspirators of the assassination of Lincoln so quickly. You had some pretty power happy people taking all the power at that time and were arresting anyone that disliked Lincoln. It was a circus and probably a little cover up involved. As we've all seen today, you can't necessarily believe everything you read, even back then.
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