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  1. #1 David Brock:I knew Kavanaugh during his years as Republican operative. Don't let him 
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    David Brock:I knew Kavanaugh during his years as Republican operative. Don't let him sit on SC

    David Brock I knew Brett Kavanaugh during his years as a Republican operative. Don't let him sit on the Supreme Court.
    We were part of a close circle of cynical hard-right operatives being groomed for much bigger things.

    Twenty years ago, when I was a conservative movement stalwart, I got to know Brett Kavanaugh both professionally and personally.Brett actually makes a cameo appearance in my memoir of my time in the GOP, "Blinded By The Right." I describe him at a party full of zealous young conservatives gathered to watch President Bill Clinton's 1998 State of the Union address — just weeks after the story of his affair with a White House intern had broken. When the TV camera panned to Hillary Clinton, I saw Brett — at the time a key lieutenant of Ken Starr, the independent counsel investigating various Clinton scandals — mouth the word "bitch."

    But there's a lot more to know about Kavanaugh than just his Pavlovian response to Hillary's image. Brett and I were part of a close circle of cold, cynical and ambitious hard-right operatives being groomed by GOP elders for much bigger roles in politics, government and media. And it’s those controversial associations that should give members of the Senate and the American public serious pause.

    Call it Kavanaugh's cabal: There was his colleague on the Starr investigation, Alex Azar, now the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Mark Paoletta is now chief counsel to Vice President Mike Pence; House anti-Clinton gumshoe Barbara Comstock is now a Republican member of Congress. Future Fox News personalities Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson were there with Ann Coulter, now a best-selling author, and internet provocateur Matt Drudge. --snip--

    Like millions of Americans this week, I tuned into Kavanaugh's hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee with great interest. In his opening statement and subsequent testimony, Kavanaugh presented himself as a "neutral and impartial arbiter" of the law. Judges, he said, were not players but akin to umpires — objectively calling balls and strikes. Again and again, he stressed his "independence" from partisan political influences.

    But I don't need to see any documents to tell you who Kavanaugh is — because I've known him for years. And I'll leave it to all the lawyers to parse Kavanaugh's views on everything from privacy rights to gun rights. But I can promise you that any pretense of simply being a fair arbiter of the constitutionality of any policy regardless of politics is simply a pretense. He made up his mind nearly a generation ago — and, if he's confirmed, he'll have nearly two generations to impose it upon the rest of us. --more--
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    2. Josh Marshall has said Kavanaugh was "raised in a test tube for the high court."

    And a follow up article:
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    4. When I called 8 senators I could barely speak.

    I am so upset about this biased liar being on the SCOTUS. I did manage to voice my concern and will continue to call until he is dismissed as a candidate.

    Call the Senate (202)224-3121 DC Offices. RESISTANCE WORKS! Join me and fight for our democracy!
    Here is a list of contact info for the GOP senators and Dem senators who may be "iffy".
    He's "biased" because he's a conservative who takes the constitution seriously, instead of the liberals who vote based on feelings and what they want.

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    14. This is scary. Esp since it's a shoe in he'll be confirmed.

    Having liberals say he shouldn't be on the S.Ct. won't be listened to by any of the Republicans. And if there are a few who are uncomfortable with it, they have to confirm him, or they'll have to leave the party. This is one of the biggest votes their party members will ever have to make, and they expect everyone to come together and make it happen. The pressure on any mavericks is immense. Not that there would be any mavericks concerning his confirmation. I haven't heard any doubt from any Republican.

    This is a horrible turn of events. What the hell has happened to the country.
    calimary (49,028 posts) 25. The proverbial fat lady hasn't sung yet.

    We finally - FINALLY!!!! - have some fighting Dems who seem willing to go all out, to the bitter end. I’ve not seen that kind of muscle being shown AND flexed by Democrats since I first started really paying attention.

    It’s refreshing and encouraging - and NOW is when you and I and everyone who can should, no - MUST call in or tweet to them or send an email or SOME communication to a) let your favorite Dem or hometown rep know they’re on the right track as they fight this like hell! If you don’t have a Democrat to encourage, call or message or otherwise post encouragement to somebody else’s. Positive reinforcement lets them know they’re doing what you want.
    And b) give them solidarity and calcium for their backbones if they’re wavering at all or face trying to hold on in trump country. They especially need to know that people have their back. Prop ‘em up and supply calcium supplements to their backbones!

    After all, isn’t the main point “More Please!”

    But they won’t know you’re with them if you don’t let them know. It’s important.
    Frustratedlady (12,437 posts)

    24. I would recommend that you read this article from the link to the original.

    It will be an eye-opener when you see all the familiar names of some who have "been trained" by the Republicons from years ago. You'll certainly recognize some of the names and understand how they can be so corrupt and poisoned in their beliefs. One happy family.

    After reading this, along with the other revelations, I can't imagine how anyone could vote for him except Repubs.

    I also predict a divorce in the future, unless this marriage is stronger than I would guess.
    LOL. "Corrupt" because they are loony liberals. They are so arrogant and narcissistic.

    zentrum (6,688 posts)

    26. And I thought I was

    ...frightened before. This is terrifying.

    Nitram (10,706 posts)

    42. the more we learn about Kavanaugh, the more dangerous he sounds.
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    Yawwwwwwwwwwn ... another day, another Prog operative mouthing ludicrous crap about Kavanaugh. Is this going to be a daily thing between now and the 20th? Do the Ds really think people won't recognize an obvious PR campaign? And dismiss it after a few days of it?
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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    Note to "Warpy" and "shockey80": I voted for Donald Trump! I would do so again!
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    David Brock, the guy who is scared to death that "Right-wing" assassins are trying to kill him all hours of the day and basically lives in a safe room.

    Yea, lets believe this nut.
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    David Brock is such a credible source. The leader of Media Matters. Yawn...
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    Conjecture Your Honor, move to strike...
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    If all this is true then why wasn't he nominated before Gorsuch? Since he was groomed for the job wouldn't you take the first opportunity to get him on the court just in case there were no more opportunities?
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    and he will sustain you;
    he will never permit
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