Sorry about the late post, but a couple things I must share:
1. I still remember precisely where I was and what I was doing when I first heard about it: I was in my Spanish class (I was a high school senior at the time). I had finished my work for the day, and was planning on asking out a girl I liked later that day, so I was writing out on a piece of scrap paper what I would say to her. Just then, a woman burst into the classroom and frantically told us to turn on our TV to the news immediately. We did so, and all were horrified at what we saw. When it was announced that the Pentagon had been hit as well, I remember my jaw dropped. I remember in the classes that followed that, seeing other students crying. Needless to say, my plans on asking out my crush went out the window.
2. This 9/11, I was on a substitute teaching job with a sixth grade class, and the school made a public announcement about the day. A student then asked me what exactly happened on 9/11, and I explained it to her in simple terms. Then, another student asked what a "Terrorist" was (In all fairness, when I was that age, I had only the most basic knowledge of what the term technically meant myself), and I patiently explained that to him in simple terms as well. While I was a little surprised at the fact that these kids didn't know about those things before, I was glad I had the opportunity to teach them about it.