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  1. #1 Kavanaugh will be only one justice out of nine 
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    onenote (30,754 posts)

    Kavanaugh will be only one justice out of nine

    Some of the more hyperbolic posts seem to suggest that if Kavanaugh gets on the court (and he will), all sorts of horrific changes are coming. I have no doubt that Roe v. Wade will be at risk. But contraception? Not unless you think that there are four other Justices currently on the Court that would overrule Griswold. And if that's the case, then it doesn't matter if its Kavanaugh or someone else Trump nominates -- that person isn't going to be less conservative than the other four republicans on the court.

    To put it another way, either Kavanaugh is far to the right of the other conservatives on the court, which means he can't put his most conservative views into place because he won't find four others to join him. Or he's not far to the right of them, in which case whether its Kavanaugh or some other Trump nominee, the results are going to be the same.
    Atticus (4,261 posts)

    2. Didn't you just skip right past some salient facts?

    1.) Trump is an illegitimate POTUS. Without criminal gerrymandering, voter suppression and traitorous conspiracy with Putin, he would be a comical footnote in US history.

    2.) No vote on ANY SCOTUS nominee should occur until Judge Garland gets a vote.

    3.) Trump specifically promised, during his campaign, to appoint a SCOTUS justice who would oveturn Roe v. Wade.

    4.) Kavanaugh lied under oath during his 2006 confirmation and, so far, has perjured himself 5 times this week. ("Lie" as defined by liberals which means they distort the meaning of it, lie about it, and assume what he means then when clarified claim 'it's a lie')

    5.). Kavanaugh's name was added to the Federalist Society "list" only after the Mueller appointment and he is the ONLY judge on that list who takes the position that a sitting president can't be sued, indicted, subpoenaed or even investigated. (And the Jack*sses know that how?)

    6.). The corrupt and complicit GOP leadership has repeatedly vio!ated Senate rules and "hidden" over 100,000 pages of Kavanaugh's record in order to cram this most unpopular SCOTUS nominee in our lifetime into a lifetime seat of power before the midterms. (Oh sob, sob. Some of the 'pages' that crossed his desk as secretary in the Bush White house haven't been given to them. Sob, sob.)

    In view of these and other considerations, your minimization of the Kavanaugh confirmation is puzzling, at the least. Your characterization of posts predicting horrific consequences as"hyperbolic" is insensitive, at best.
    onenote (30,754 posts)

    8. Those points aren't "salient" to the point I was making.

    But by way of clarification:

    1. I don't want Kavanaugh confirmed. I don't want any nominee made by Trump to be confirmed.
    2. But the reality is that he will be confirmed, something you acknowledge further down this thread.

    So....back to my point. The issue is whether the other justices also take the position that a sitting president can't be sued, indicted, or even investigated. If we assume that the four Democratic appointees don't take that position, then the issue is whether all four of the Republicans do. If they all do, then its entirely likely, that while we may not know what the other potential nominees think about that question, it is not unreasonable to think that they would agree with the other four. If that assumption is incorrect -- that Kavanaugh stands alone in his thinking, then he stands alone and his extreme position will not carry the day.

    That was my point -- that given the reality, which you concede, that Kavanaugh is going to be confirmed despite his prevarications and extreme partisanship -- then the practical consequences of his being confirmed are not all that different than the practical consequences of any of the other potential nominees being confirmed (unless you think that Trump would confirm someone with views to the 'left' of Roberts, Alito, Thomas, and Gorsuch).
    And there's the truth. JACK*SSES are unhinged because President Trump WON and it is HE that gets to choose the next Supreme Court Justice. They'd be doing this kind of thing no matter who the nominee is. What they show over and over again is that their hate and their sense of entitlement knows no bounds.
    Atticus (4,261 posts)

    9. Your " point" still seems to be: "Kavanaugh? Meh---". nt
    onenote (30,754 posts)

    10. My point is that freaking out over his positions as if they're different from Gorsuch et al

    doesn't make much sense to me.

    And again, in case you missed, I don't want any Trump nominee to the court confirmed. Not just Kavanaugh.
    Eliot Rosewater (17,739 posts)

    29. Whether that is what the poster meant or not it is how it comes out and we need to be

    aware of MESSAGING.

    Things we say HERE does get out THERE

    I wish the poster would change the OP
    Heaven forbid that someone inject a little bit of truth and sanity into DU. It's

    all the time.

    Hortensis (25,116 posts)

    13. Onenote, these 4 created religious rights for

    not just family owned corporations but limited corporations that sell some shares to the public, which was as far as they could go at the time. Judicial activists who believe in restyling the constitution to serve the few over the many. Gorsuch was appointed to join 3 sitting justices with authoritarian bents who support criminalizing abortion, among many other things most Americans do not support. That makes 4.

    This is them on a rein. I think we should assume that 5 will be more extreme than you imagine.
    Serving the "few over the many"? Like gay marriage and female school locker rooms and bathrooms open to any male that says he "identifies as a female"? Like denying science and saying that an unborn baby is just a clump of cells and nothing more, eligible to be killed right up to the point they exit the birth canal?

    "Extreme"? Like using the constitution to determine if a law is constitutional and if someone has a 'right' instead of 'it feels good'?

    The power brokers/elites/ruling class on the left is all about power no matter what they have to do to get it or what they have to promise their social identity group. And those that vote for Dems are nothing but spoiled brats insisting that THEY MUST have their way
    Hekate (50,754 posts)

    15. Holy crap, you think birth control is not also at risk? And you minimize the risk to Roe?

    The RWNJ has gone out of its way to define the most widely-used contraceptive methods as abortifacients. They aren't, but no matter.

    Where have you been the past 30+ years? Damn, I can't even...
    onenote (30,754 posts)

    16. My point is that if its at risk because Kavanaugh gets on the court

    then it will be at risk if Trump had to name someone other than Kavanaugh.

    I don't how many other ways to say it.
    Hekate (50,754 posts)

    17. This kind of reminds me of the GOP legislator who said of rape: If it's inevitable, relax & enjoy it

    No, onenote. Just no. This is wrong. It wll be wrong the next time. And the next and the next.

    Don't equivocate. RESIST.
    LOL. Because a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT having his choice of Supreme Court Judges is JUST LIKE rape. Oh sure./s

    And they think we should take them seriously.
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    How did gerrymandering affect the electoral college? Did the Russians move people to PA, MI & WI after the 2010 census to change the electoral votes?
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