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  1. #1 Is it okay to post a general thank-you to DU and DUers here? 
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    Not too many posts ,but its early yet.

    wryter2000 (1000+ posts) Thu Jun-19-08 11:38 AM
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    Is it okay to post a general thank-you to DU and DUers here?
    Advertisements [?]In the last couple of days, I've found all kinds of resources for disputing freeper claims that we must drill in ANWR. I've actually shut a couple of them up. They had no idea the oil companies are sitting on thousands of unused leases.

    Plus, the other morning, I got help in DIY in naming a piece of swimming pool equipment. I needed the correct word for a story, and with DU help, I got it sent off to my editor. C&B is the best cooking resource in the world!

    To the non-contributors...if you have some money, donate. The search option and forums are worth much more than you pay for them. If you don't have any money, speak up the next time there's a fund raising drive. Someone will sponsor you. (It might even be me. )

    DU DUers <--
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    calmblueocean (1000+ posts) Thu Jun-19-08 11:43 AM
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    1. It's so awesome to have the old DU back.
    During the primaries, sometimes I wondered if things would ever get back to normal here, back to the DU I know and love, where people debate, but are always trying to help each other out. Your post reminded me that DU finally is back!

    Summer93 (390 posts) Thu Jun-19-08 12:09 PM
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    5. I like the idea
    I really like the idea that DU is getting "back to normal" although I do not believe in normal. The idea that this website could be helpful despite it's political basis. I realize that politics is a "war of words" and that becomes more heated during this process. I find political process interesting but I would only view it from the outside as I do not enjoy war. It would be great if people could find another way to do politics other than the war scenario.

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    I can post a thank-you to Frenchie Cat

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