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    Pierce: Susan Collins Is Just Getting a Taste of What Citizens United Has Done to Our Politics

    Susan Collins Is Just Getting a Taste of What Citizens United Has Done to Our Politics
    Some Mainers are merely exercising their constitutional rights, as defined by Anthony Kennedy, to oppose Brett Kavanaugh.
    By Charles P. Pierce
    Sep 12, 2018

    Pity poor Susan Collins, Republican senator from Maine and career summer soldier on anything that really matters. All she wants is to be a Moderate Republican and thoughtfully, carefully, maybe change the nature of the Supreme Court for the next 20 years, but still guarantee her right to protest futilely when said Court throws the privacy rights of 51 percent of the population out the window. Really? Is that too much to ask?

    Instead, here are these people trying to show her that legislative votes might have political consequences. From The Portland Press-Herald:

    The “Be A Hero” campaign – coordinated by national health activist Ady Barkan, and liberal groups Mainers for Accountable Leadership and the Maine People’s Alliance – asks people to donate at least $20.20 to a future Collins opponent if she votes “yes” on Kavanaugh. If she votes “no” the money would be refunded to donors. Collins has said she remains undecided. The moderate Republican, 65, would be up for re-election in 2020, although she hasn’t announced yet whether she would seek another term.

    Collins went to wingnut wind-farm Newsmax to call this fundraising effort a "bribe." Elsewhere, Erick Erickson lit his shoes on fire and did a buck-and-wing. From

    The if is important because they are threatening action based on a voting condition. That may very well run afoul of federal law. If someone wants to run against Collins because of her vote, that is perfectly legal. But to tell Collins a punitive act against her will happen if she votes a particular way is illegal. Telling her someone will be given money to defeat her if she votes a certain way falls into that ethically. Another legal expert told Collins it sounds more like extortion, which I agree with. Senator Orrin Hatch is calling on Senate Democrats to publicly reject this extortion.
    Bear in mind that, under ordinary circumstances, people like Erickson and organizations like Newsmax wouldn't care if Susan Collins wandered into Boothbay Harbor and washed up in Iceland. But Kavanaugh, as we have learned, makes all the difference. He's the culmination of a 30-year campaign to re-establish a Supreme Court that is Lochner-friendly on corporations and Plessy-friendly on race. They're inches from the finish line, and that's why this is driving them so crazy.

    And, all due respect to Mr. Noti, this is not remotely close either to bribery or extortion. This is a demonstration of how post-Citizens United campaign-finance works, CU having essentially legalized influence peddling. Have any of these people noticed the way that the NRA or the Club For Growth or a hundred other organizations "rate" members of Congress based on their votes? They even warn members of Congress in advance as to the votes on which the members of Congress will be rated.

    All these people in Maine are doing is telling Susan Collins in advance that, for them, and for the people sending them money, a vote for Brett Kavanaugh is a deal-breaker as far as they're concerned. If she votes against Kavanaugh, and these people don't send the contributions back, as they've promised to do, then I'll be the first to call out the grift. However, right now, all they're doing is exercising their inalienable rights according to Justice Anthony Kennedy.

    Sounds more like extortion or blackmail to me. Vote how WE tell you to, or ELSE...
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    1. She Should Be Glad

    She has 2 full years to plan for her life outside of politics. That blue wave she thinks is only applying to 2018, will sweep her out of office soon enough.

    I bet she'll be so proud when the guys she's confirming to the Court start overturning cases involving issues she PRETENDS to care about. What she really cares about is bowing to every whim of her party, and throwing her support behind Drumpf's nominees.
    Solly Mack (73,497 posts) 2. K&R

    I'm seriously thinking of sending her an "Aunt Lydia" costume. Or maybe she hopes to be a "Serena Joy".
    LOL. Hmmmm.... Maybe a devil's costume for Obama and matching witches costumes for Hillary, Pelosi, Warren and Harris.

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    4. "Senator Orrin Hatch is calling on Senate Democrats to publicly reject this extortion."

    Orrin Hatch needs to STFU. What makes him so sure the contributors are Democrats? If some are Republicans aren't THEY the people he should be advising???
    Whataboutism for deflection.
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    7. Yep. K&R!
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    Susan Collins called out the group doing this as possibly violation Federal bribery laws.
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

    BIG CHEETO Is Watching You!

    Note to "Warpy" and "shockey80": I voted for Donald Trump! I would do so again!
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    Liberals are under the impression that everyone is as loosely tied to their values as liberals are.
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    he will never permit
    the righteous to be moved.
    Psalm 55:22
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