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  1. #1 Brett Kavanaugh reportedly accused of sexual misconduct in letter flagged to the FBI 
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    malchickiwick (836 posts) Brett Kavanaugh reportedly accused of sexual misconduct in letter flagged to the FBI by Democrats

    Source: New York Daily News

    Democrats on Thursday alerted the FBI to decades-old sexual misconduct allegations against President Trumpís Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, according to reports and a person familiar with the matter.

    The potentially damning claims, which come as the Senate prepares to vote on Kavanaughís nomination to the highest court of the land, were made in a letter obtained by Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member Dianne Feinstein, a Democratic source told the Daily News.

    Two officials briefed on the letterís contents told the New York Times the allegations relate to possible sexual misconduct between Kavanaugh and an unidentified woman when they were both in high school. The nature of the allegations were not immediately known.

    Feinstein (D-Calif.) informed her fellow committee Democrats about the letter Wednesday evening, the sources said. Several of the Democrats advised her to contact the FBI.

    Read more:

    Please please please derail this despicable nominee.
    Despicable because he dares to not side with Democrats and rule the "right way" by voting on feelings and "what is right" - according to the left, of course.

    InAbLuEsTaTe (12,776 posts) 1. Okay, let's get to the bottom of this before there's any vote.
    zentrum (6,705 posts)

    3. High School? This

    ....has set up trap for the Dems written all over it.

    Seems to me that in high school, especially back in Kavanaugh's day---they'd have both been minors, or virtually so.

    This seems counter-helpful. At least as so far reported.
    ScratchCat (139 posts)

    5. State matter

    beyond the SOL anyway. Rumors better be wrong and it better involve perjury or this will blow up in our face.
    Texin (719 posts)

    18. Depends on his age at the time. If he was 18 then, it would mean he was an adult.

    Depending on the age of the purported "victim", if he or she were a minor, he would have committed statutory rape or molestation. This was the allegation that DiFi turned over to the FBI, no? He must have been an adult at the time of the incident's commission.

    All that said, the rethugs generally don't give a flying fuck about sexual crimes and misdemeanors of any of their members, provided the victim wasn't the same sex as the offender.
    Ccarmona (999 posts)

    6. Tough to Get Excited Over This Since It's Been Proven that Justice Thomas is a Sexual Preditor

    And heís still on the bench
    More liberal lore - it's true because I believe it is true.

    Laurian (2,368 posts)

    7. Remember Clarence Thomas?

    This wonít matter to pubs.
    Democrats are still shocked that when they lie over and over again that they are not believed.

    meadowlander (1,244 posts)

    38. Why would that be referred to the FBI?

    Roe v Wade has made abortion legal since Kavanaugh was 8 years old.

    It sounds like the accusation is date rape, groping or something similar.

    If it was consensual and she was just underage why come forward about it now?
    in2herbs (84 posts)

    48. If not a terminated pregnancy, perhaps a love child???
    LudwigPastorius (967 posts)

    34. So, if he kidnapped, barbecued, and cannibalized an entire mini-van full of cheerleaders...

    it could just be a "youthful indiscretion"?

    Let's let the FBI do its due diligence in investigating whatever the allegation is, before we dismiss it.
    meadowlander (1,244 posts)

    39. Apparently the person he allegedly raped or molested cares

    and so should anyone who thinks people shouldn't be raped or molested.
    Right. They know NOTHING about it but already they're convinced it's "rape or molestation".
    mopinko (51,711 posts)

    27. did he pay her off to be quiet?

    or threaten her? only way it rises to fbi consideration that i can think of.
    Squinch (24,940 posts)

    31. If it has to do with sexually abusing a woman, republicans simply will not care.
    What we don't care about are the oh so convenient he said/she said accusations to smear a Republican's reputation. It's become a known leftist tactic against those they consider their "enemy".
    Johnny2X2X (4,156 posts)

    35. Paying hush money

    Thatís why it was referred to the FBI. He paid her off.
    Oh really? lol
    IcyPeas (5,809 posts)

    42. turned on right wing radio to see what they were saying...

    Dr. Drew TV and Radio doctor and his side kick were talking about it. Their story is basically that the democrats are desparate and are really grasping at straws now .
    That's what they have been doing ever since the night Trump won.
    madville (3,894 posts)

    50. The accuser wishes to remain anonymous and not proceed any further

    Feinstein has had this letter since July, I guess the tactic was to hold it as long as possible.

    If the accuser doesn't give anymore details or come forward this isn't really going anywhere. "Something happened 40 years ago but I won't tell you what it was or identify myself" isn't going to gain much traction.
    MattP (3,125 posts)
    53. No Statute of limitations in Maryland on sexual assualt
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    Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaRepub View Post
    that doesn't even start to describe these jerkazoids.
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    Breaking news! He unhooked his girlfriend's bra strap when they were both 16! And he felt her up!

    Completely made that up. Just imagining the further desperation of the left...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DumbAss Tanker View Post
    That football has already been yanked out of the way, Charlie Brown.
    And he is still kicking as he falls
    Cast your burden on the Lord,
    and he will sustain you;
    he will never permit
    the righteous to be moved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DumbAss Tanker View Post
    That football has already been yanked out of the way, Charlie Brown.
    Cue the "Womp-Womp" sound effect dude!

    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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