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    I'm not sure if any of you were aware of what has been going on in the Ohio legislature this week.

    Basically, the legislature was deciding if a Con Con was needed. If this had passed then only one more state would have been needed to get the 2/3 majority. The article states that most of the other states have recinded....but that doesn't necessarily mean that Congress doesn't have to convene one if they get the 2/3

    The article states it was taking place for a "balenced budget amendment" to the constitution and was to be voted on Wednesday Dec 17.

    With the new Democrat Pres and Congress in control.....and many of our conservative leaders not holding true to thier values these days.... I don't have to tell you how significant this could be for people who hate this country and who want to be little busy bodies and start tinkering with the Constitution to amend more than our budget.

    I could not find any definitive information on the vote Wednesday. I have heard the vote was cancelled on Wednesday and no action was taken Thursday before the break.

    Anyone in Ohio know more?
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    a constitutional convention? If so - it's time to depart for other shores. A constitutional convention today would be a disaster.
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