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    I don't have an Attorney General
    In an interview with, the President has made his strongest attack to date on Jeff Sessions.

    It is quite obvious, at least to me, that the President would like Sessions to resign on his own rather than be fired. If Sessions is fired it puts Rosenstein in charge until a new AG could be confirmed by the Senate. With all the snakes currently in the Senate, that would be virtually impossible and would be jumping from the frying pan into the fire. On the other hand, if Sessions resigns, the Vacancies Reform Act of 1998 would apply. The President could appoint ANY official previously confirmed by the Senate for up to 210 days and that person would take over the DOJ immediately.

    Personally, I doubt that Jeff will take the hint. How can this man sleep at night when his department is being run by criminals seeking to depose the legitimate, elected President of the United States? The most logical explanation, for which there is zero evidence, is blackmail. So pin a tin foil hat on me.

    The United States Navy, fighting Moslem barbarians since 1801.

    Candace Owens for President 2024.
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    I wouldn't worry about it.

    The President could've easily said: " I don't have a Deputy Attorney General. " if asked about Rosenstein in a certain way.

    I just watched Sessions, Rosenstein, and others discussing Freedom Of Speech on college-campuses Forum live, Monday Constitution Day on C-SPAN2. No sign of bleak somberness anywhere, talking about their agendas, going forward. In my experience, with the sword of Damocles hanging over someone, they're not going to joke about things like University Of Tennessee football, or keep bringing-up the boss's pertinent accomplishments.
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    Isn't kind of like people where I live saying "Detroit doesn't have an NFL team"? LOL.
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