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  1. #1 Leslie Cockburn at Virginia Rally: Trump Has ‘Made It Acceptable to Be a Racist Again 
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    Leslie Cockburn, the Democratic candidate for Virginia’s fifth congressional district, said during a speech in Virginia on Sunday that President Donald Trump has “made it acceptable to be a racist again.”

    Cockburn said at a speech in the fifth district of Virginia that President Trump has opened “Pandora’s box,” which according to her, has made it acceptable to be racist in American again.

    “It’s a matter of race. This is an African-American community, and it brings up all of the questions of what has happened since Trump has opened his pandora’s box and made it acceptable to be a racist again,” Cockburn said.

    “This is something that we are fighting, and I believe that, in Congress, is a great way to really attack the institutional racism we see all around us and I shall be doing that, believe me,” Cockburn said, to which the crowd erupted in thunderous applause.

    Virginia businessman, former Air Force Intelligence officer, and Republican nominee for the congressional district Denver Riggleman slammed Cockburn’s controversial statement in an exclusive statement to Breitbart News
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    What a bunch of horse shit.
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    It's all they have

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