This is a Crypto currency that I (and others) believe
will be the next Bitcoin and you may kick yourself for
not getting in now. Or not. This is just my
opinion and I'm not a financial expert so take this
or leave it.

Ripple is the company, XRP is the crypto.

Go HERE to read about it.

XRP is selling right now for around .55 a coin. Just
days ago it was high as .80 and as low as .25.

A lot of people including myself feel this is one of
those "once in a life time" opportunities and I'm
invested in it.

A ton of the Crypto's out there have no real time
use, Ripple/XRP does. It's an electronic banking
thing that will be used to replace things like
Western Union Money Gram for example. Easy,
cheap, money movement between people/banks.

Take a look for yourself. This has the potential,
like Bitcoin did, to turn a small investment into
millions, maybe tens of millions.

Do some research and decide for yourself.