Listening to the latest batch of fearmongering "explanations" from my boss (Bush) about why he's raping you and I with this Un-Constitutional vehicle bailout, I'm noticing something I wonder if anyone else is thinking.

These "teh sky is falling" types use phony economic data, even tried to say that 1 in 10 jobs are directly connected to Detroit and are in danger if the Big Three fail (which has been proved false) but they never Cry for me, Argentina over the slashing funding of defence contractors (which, by the way create more jobs in the short term than any of this other proposed spending) or say where this is going to end. Circuit City just went belly-up, is Bush going to bail them out next?

Not to mention, here's something I might be unpopular for saying; but does anyone else feel like the economy isn't that bad for them right now? I mean in a purely personal state, I feel the pinch of needing to tighten our belts in my family to make things as easy as possible on us, but things are far from drastic or terrible.

What do you think?