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  1. #1 That's No Angry Mob, That's My Sister, My Mom, My Daughter, My Son 
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    That's No Angry Mob, That's My Sister, My Mom, My Daughter, My Son

    That's no angry mob! Just ordinary, everyday citizens pushed into action by the threat of a perjurer, partisan, embittered, of questionable moral standing and lacking judicial temperment candidate for Supreme Court being ramrodded by the Senate leadership.

    That's my wife, terrified that our girls are unprotected from sexual assault.

    That's my niece, raped and left for dead by a group of fraternity drunks.

    That's my grandmother, sexually assaulted by a teacher at age 10.

    That's my son, sexually assaulted by a priest.

    That's my nephew raped by a Boy Scout leader at age 12.

    That's my mom sexually assaulted by her employer.

    That's me.

    THAT'S no angry mob!

    Those are people outraged by the 51 Senators who have betrayed all survivors and future victims of sexual assault.

    Those are people who are being revictimized by the callous disregard for the millions opposed to the ascension of Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS and the sham procedures that enabled this.

    Thousands of attorneys, classmates, and even an esteemed former Justice of the Supreme Court implored the President and Senate to withdraw Brett Kavanaugh because of his multiple perjuries and internationally demonstrated lack of impartial, measured judicial temperment.

    No! That's no angry liberal, dem mob. That is what Americans standing together looks like.

    Get used to it.

    That is a spontaneous uprising of millions of citizens from both parties, all races, all religions, all genders excercising a constitutional right to protest an injustice perpetrated by the Senators elected to uphold the Constitution and, at the very least, do no harm.

    Get used to it!

    Middle Class
    People of All Religious Denominations
    even Republicans

    Standing together in opposition to a Supreme Court Candidate even the Senate Majority Leader didn't want to put forward.

    That's No Angry Mob! That's the righteous, justifiable indignation of a people united.

    Get used to it!

    Justice will prevail.

    Fairness for all will prevail.

    Injustice, bigotry, hateful policies, and the dismantling of all that is good our ancestors died for in war after war, on the picket lines, and for the right to vote will be defeated.

    Get used to it.

    We, the good people, will stand up and be heard.

    Democrats need to be bitch slapped.

    And no, I don't use that phrase lightly or flippantly, and yes, I mean every word of it.

    Democrats are saying that because SOME women have been sexually abused we MUST believe EVERY woman that claims she has been sexually assaulted even if there is NO corroborating evidence or witnesses and she and her cohorts have motivation to lie.

    What a bunch of political bunk. The idiots have shown that it is all political in that they have made it clear that they do not believe the women Ellison abused.

    'Vote against Kavanaugh OR ELSE we'll say you are anti women, pro rape, blah, blah, blah.' All emotion and anger, no logical or critical thinking needed or desired.

    They are out there claiming that ALL women believe and will act on their bunk. They're wrong.

    lancelyons (524 posts)

    5. Where is the press making that point.

    I saw a fellow from the Democratic side making that case.

    Where is that push back in the press?

    This is an angry mob... an angry mob of women who have been sexually assaulted while nothing gets done about this.

    If they say its an angry mob... we should say YOu are damn right about that . They are pissed.
    They can rage all they want. Just don't expect everyone to fall for the idiotic leftist rhetoric. Some women are able to think rationally and don't believe in politicizing their vagina as a weapon.

    Conservative women believe they are worth much more than that. And guess what? In my experience conservative men agree and don't encourage and enable women to whore themselves out to achieve a political agenda. Participate as a person, a woman and as an equal, yes. Using gender and sex as a weapon, NO.

    Liberal women demean and shame themselves when they do this, yet they stupidly claim it shows them as strong and powerful. It debases themselves as being nothing more than their sexual organs and what they can gain USING their sexual organs. Unreal.

    Women's rights groups worked for years for equality and a desire to be seen as more than their sexual organs, but Democrats have no problem ignoring it if they can use it to their advantage.
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    Sorry DUmmies, you are an angry mob and
    regular people aren't going to put up with
    this PC shit anymore. And you can bet your
    ass WE will vote too.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    When people are rioting, it kinship doesn't change the fact that they are rioting.

    What the Ds may soon learn is that many of the women for whom the Ds claimed to speak have sons, husbands, brothers and boyfriends who they want protected from false accusers like Cristine Ford.
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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    That's my father, my brother, my son, my nephew.

    That's my father who was falsely accused of sexual harassment by a spurned subordinate and lost his job. He can no longer get a job in his chosen field because no one will hire him. My mother left him because of these false allegations. The woman has since admitted to lying but the damage has been done.

    That's my brother who was falsely accused of rape and spent 10 years in prison until cleared by DNA. His life is still ruined.

    That's my son who was falsely accused of sexual assault by an ex-girlfriend looking to get back at him for breaking up with her. An invitation to be accepted into a prestigious university was cancelled and not reinstated even when an investigation proved the allegations to be false.

    That's my nephew who was falsely accused of date rape and was expelled from college and will now have this on his record. He will have difficulty finding a job with this on his record. Even though the girl admitted to being drunk and willfully had sex, the damage has been done and the university decided that my nephew is still not welcome at their school

    These are members of my family who were irreparably harmed by false allegations. None of these women suffered any consequence to their false accusations but these men's lives will never be the same. They are still ostracized by family, friends, co-workers, other students. My brother is still trying to get removed from the national sex abuse registry. My father still can't get hired in his line of work because companies are afraid to have someone accused of sexual harassment working for them. My son is having difficulty getting into college, even the local community college. My nephew is still trying to get his good name cleared.

    Yes, lefties, the above generalization does happen. Men's lives are ruined all the time over false accusations but to you people it's all collateral damage all in the name of social justice.
    Progressivism is a bottomless pit of absurdity.
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    So they think that people died in war after war so they could destroy a man's life with no evidence, or witnesses.

    What these assholes want is a bunch of spoiled brats running everyone's lives ...
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    All men are not accused assaulters or rapists. The women in my life know this, as do millions of intelligent people. Smart women don't think like the morons at the DUmp or in the media.
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    NOW they care about victims of sexual assault?

    The Left does whatever it can to help make life easier for sexual predators, especially child molesters.

    It's particularly hypocritical because the OP specifically used the example of a boy who'd been molested by a Boy Scout leader. Never mind that the DUmmies, and leftists in general, openly waged war on the Boy Scouts for refusing to allow openly gay scoutmasters, when the whole point of that ban on them was specifically to protect the boys from falling victim to sexual predators (The ban on openly gay scoutmasters was enacted in response to the Boy Scouts of America being hit with a bunch of molestation scandals).

    In response to the hypothetical examples the DUmmy uses, how about, "That's my brother, whose daughter was raped and strangled to death by an illegal immigrant who'd repeatedly been deported but kept sneaking back in"?
    Maybe, "That's my son, who was molested by a teacher who then kept his job afterwards due to his clout within the teacher's union"?
    Or, "That's my niece, who had to watch as the sicko who repeatedly molested her and took obscene pictures of her when she was 8 got let off with probation because his ACLU lawyer (Who represented him pro bono) claimed that he was 'An innocent victim of society's closed- mindedness and bigotry, in need of compassion and understanding rather than punishment'"?
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