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  1. #1 SOS: Democrat Andrew Gillum MUST be defeated in Florida 
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    SOS: Democrat Andrew Gillum MUST be defeated because the party that wins the Florida governorís race will determines who wins the 2020 POTUS election
    *American electoral history shows that whichever party occupies the Florida Governorís mansion during the U.S. presidential election usually wins the POTUS! Thatís because the stateís executive branch controls the election process and apparatus which is responsible for certifying Floridaís 29 electoral votes...

    Soros & Company have enlisted the aid of out-of-state billionaires to support Andrew Gillumís run for Florida governor. These wealthy donors are dumping massive campaign donations into Gillumís war chest on a strictly quid pro quo basis. Thatís a HUGE problem for Republican Candidate Ron DeSantis, especially with Soros investing so much of his own money to ensure a Democrat governorship. See: Gillum Admits Soros Majorly Funded His Unanticipated FL Democrat Primary Win

    Plus, the mainstream media (MSM) has already been publishing numerous fake polls indicating Gillumís fictitious lead. This MSM-disseminated globalist propaganda will only intensify between now and November 6th. See: ELECTION RIGGING: Florida Governor Polls Being Manipulated to Favor Democrat

    In fact, the entire MSM, with the exception of FOX News, is giving Gillum tons of free campaign publicity. The CIAís Mockingbird Media transformed [OVERNIGHT] the hopelessly corrupt, woefully incompetent and willfully negligent Tallahassee mayor into Obama 2.0. Gillum has been meticulously groomed over decades by his Deep State masters just like Obama was by his C.I.A. handlers.

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    Yeah, I think Nelson could beat Scott by a hair, but I have trouble thinking this Gillum commie really can win the state, the hell with any poll - this guy is an avowed socialist, an anti-Semite, and is corrupt as the day is long. He won the D primary by promising to impeach Trump.

    DeSantis needs to step it up and remind the Jewish voters/snowbirds down in the south about his remarks on Israel, and how he kept Tallahassee in the dark for hours waiting for some union thugs to show up.

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    Let's not forget the Puerto Rican exodus to Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. We're talking hundreds of thousands of mostly democrat voters.
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    On the one hand, 2020 is important. On the other hand, I hate Florida. This is a tough one for me.

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    DeSantis needs to run on one platform: If you elect Gillum, say hello to a state tax. If Gillum wins, he'll turn florida into NJ before the end of his first term.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    DeSantis needs to run on one platform: If you elect Gillum, say hello to a state tax. If Gillum wins, he'll turn florida into NJ before the end of his first term.
    I always forget that Florida doesn't have a state income tax. That is an incentive.

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