A true champion for women would have handled the Christine Blasey Ford accusation entirely differently than Senator Feinstein did. A champion for women would have afforded her the decency of privacy, to vet this claim behind closed doors, as is regularly done in confirmation cases, and as she personally had requested.

A champion for women would have handled this early and discreetly, at a place and time of Dr. Ford’s convenience, not allowing her to be used as a puppet in a political circus, herself unaware of all the ways she had been betrayed by those claiming to support her.

A true champion for women would be speaking out for the women who have accused Keith Ellison and Bill Clinton of sexual and physical misconduct. And she would also speak out for innocent bystanders caught in the crosshairs of this national charade – Mrs. Kavanaugh and her two young daughters. They are among the truest victims and yet have not received her support, or her apology...

In an ironic twist it looks as though she may have actually become a pawn in her own scheme, doing the bidding of Chuck Schumer and the Democratic leadership and now taking the fall for them. She clearly crossed some ethical, and potentially even legal, lines in doing so.