A UC Davis student spent $12,000 on legal fees defending himself against a false allegation in early 2018.
A new report from Reason.com details the unfortunate story of a UC Davis student who spent months earlier this year believing that he was set to join the ranks of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and the other abusers that were exposed as part of the ongoing #MeToo movement.

The problem is that the male student, pseudonymously referred to as James, was not guilty of any kind of assault or misconduct. His accuser, referred to as Becky, allegedly decided that she did not enjoy their hookup encounter several days after it had occurred.

“[Becky’s] account of the incident as set forth in the summary of her investigative interviews does not, on its face, allege any ‘act of Prohibited Conduct,'” James’s attorney wrote in an April 11 letter to UC Davis school officials. “Even if everything [Becky] alleges is true, my client clearly did nothing wrong and did not engage in Prohibited Conduct.”
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