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Bill Nemitz: As laughable claims go, Collins' talk of fundraising 'extortion' takes the cake

The senator, who has benefited from copious donations, dismisses a legitimate crowdfunding effort to buoy a future opponent as a 'bribe.’

Few things in Washington, D.C., make me laugh these days. But in her sit-down with CBS’ “60 Minutes” following her vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, Maine Sen. Susan Collins served up a knee-slapper.

“I think that if our politics has come to the point where people are trying to buy votes, buy positions, that we are in a very sad place,” Collins told interviewer Scott Pelley.

The senator’s angst stems from a fast-growing account on the political fundraising site that centers on a simple message: Vote for Kavanaugh, Senator Collins, and we’re going to fund your Democratic opponent in the 2020 election.

The effort is spearheaded by progressive activist Ady Barkan, the Maine People’s Alliance and Mainers for Accountable Leadership. It has ballooned to more than $3.6 million since Saturday’s dramatic Senate vote to confirm Kavanaugh – despite his tempestuous testimony to the Senate over allegations that he committed sexual assault while in high school and college.

By Maine’s political metrics, $3.6 million is serious money. It’s far more than the $2.3 million that Democratic challenger Shenna Bellows raised in her bid to unseat Collins in 2014, and more than half the $6 million Democrat Tom Allen raised against Collins in 2008.

Liberals and the Jack*ss Party are in high gear trying to dispel the FACT that they are thugs using mob tactics to intimidate politicians and people.

It's a FACT that telling someone EITHER VOTE FOR WHO WE TELL YOU TO or we will fund your opponent to the tune of 3 million dollars, is either a BRIBE or EXTORTION depending on how it is seen. It's also thug tactics, but then that's exactly what the Democrats have become.

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1. Susan, take your retirement and run away

before you lose what little respect remains for your service. imo
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2. And here I thought that actions had consequences

"You were warned. You were given an explanation. Nevertheless, you persisted."

It doesn't always work out, does it Senator? If you had any support from women, maybe you could turn your cynical, reprehensible vote to your advantage. As it is, you're going to have to go hat in hand to the usual suspects, bankrollers and dark money men to keep up with the righteous anger of several million women and the men who know them. Bummer.
If the jack*ss organizers of it collect the money they ought to be indited.

And have no doubt Collins will be funded well, and all women are not Jack*sses, like the left likes to portray.