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  1. #1 The Traitor is coming to my hometown next week. 
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    How unhinged are the idiots? This unhinged.....

    MontanaMama (5,799 posts)

    The Traitor is coming to my hometown next week.

    My neighbor just knocked on the door to break the news and it is confirmed by my local paper. tRump has come to Montana a couple of times but I never imagined heíd come to blue Missoula and Iím so upset about it. I called my husband in feels like a violation to me...he says Iím overreacting and he laughed and said he wanted to see what Iíd look like in an orange jumpsuit for my mugshot because he knows Iíll be on the front lines of the protest. He didnít help my level of distress. tRump must really think he can take Jon Tester down. I need to get a grip, I know. Iím shocked at how upset I am.
    She's IN TEARS because a politician she doesn't like, President Trump, is coming to her town for a rally. A rally she doesn't have to attend and can totally ignore. But it "feels like" a VIOLATION, you see. Just how unhinged does one have to be that the mere presence of someone they don't agree with or like, but have never met and will not meet, feels like a "violation"?
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    1. Interesting Ralley stop.

    So let me get this straight,are they going to Bus all those folks in from Billings or Bozeman ? Most likely all those 3%ers around Flat Head will show up .
    MontanaMama (5,799 posts)

    4. We have a sizable deposit of deplorables

    a half hour from Missoula. I hear the phones in the GOP offices in Missoula are ringing off the hook with ticket requests. My only consolation is that the protest ought to be impressive...Iím crying today but I will be there to fight.
    Fight? What is there to 'fight'. Unless one is a fascist asshole who demands that only those they agree with have a platform to talk..........or else.
    MontanaMama (5,799 posts)
    13. Yes! You're so right.

    They are defiling our beautiful feels just like that. I could not have anticipated having a come apart like Iím having now after hearing the news. Sigh.

    I agree Tester seems safe for the moment. If that werenít the case, the Orange Puss Pocket wouldnít be coming. I have night hopes for Kathleen Williams to beat gianforte...but no way of gauging because of the blue aura here in Missoula.
    No surprise Jack*sses think they own the state and conservatives have no place in it.

    Cha (215,159 posts)

    11. Aww.. Come here..


    MontanaMama (5,799 posts)

    12. You're just the best cha.

    Iím upset today but Iím going to pull on my fighting panties and be ready for that asshole. I know that we can outnumber the deplorables who dare show up. Thank you for the hug and the support.
    *snort* Fighting panties? LOL. OK.

    I'm sure President Trump is reallllly scared./s
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    Hopefully MM will scream so much
    she explodes with hate!!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Sounds like Hillary is making a visit.
    Cast your burden on the Lord,
    and he will sustain you;
    he will never permit
    the righteous to be moved.
    Psalm 55:22
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    I wish heíd come do a rally in my state but we are whipping all the Democrat candidates so bad in the polls that he doesnít see the need to waste time doing one here.
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    You spelled Jane Fonda wrong.
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    MontanaMama (5,799 posts)

    The Traitor is coming to my hometown next week.

    My neighbor just knocked on the door to break the news and it is confirmed by my local paper.
    I'm trying to figure out in what age of this country people went to their next door neighbors to tell them a politician was coming to town. Maybe before telephones came to town, but not in my over 6 decades of life. "MontanaMama" really should tighten up her virtue-signalling stories.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DemsAreDumb View Post
    I wish heíd come do a rally in my state but we are whipping all the Democrat candidates so bad in the polls that he doesnít see the need to waste time doing one here.

    He'll probably come around after the midterms .
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    DU definitions

    TRAITOR - Someone who's not a Democrat / Progressive / Leftist / Social Justice Warrior elected or appointed to office.

    TREASON - Someone who does not promote Democratic / Progressive / Leftist / Social Justice Warrior agenda.

    SEDITION - Someone who openly disagrees with Democratic / Progressive / Leftist / Social Justice Warrior agenda and actions.

    KARL MARX - Often mistaken for one of America's Foundering Fathers by those on the Left.

    1984 - Some on the Left think its an instruction manual.

    SELF DEFENSE #1 - Something you're not allowed to do when confronted by criminals.

    SELF DEFENSE #2 - An excuse Leftists use when they attack someone who said something they didn't like.

    The POOR - People in poverty and the Left wants keep them there.

    THE RICH - Something Leftists want to be , but not anyone else.

    CRIME - Something the Left seems to support.

    THE GOVERMENT - Something the Left claims to hate and mistrust, but they also want the Government to own all the guns, property, control all means of production and run everyone's lives.

    REPUBLICANS - Sworn enemy.

    LIBERTARIAN - Another sworn enemy.

    CONSTITUTIONALIST - Still another sworn enemy.

    CONSERVATIVE - The Devil.

    BILL OF RIGHTS - Something the Left ignores on a regular bases.

    FREE SPEECH - Something they have and you don't.

    DUE PROCESS - Something they have and you don't.

    AMERICA #1 - A country they always say they want to leave, but never do.

    AMERICA #2 - A country they say is the worse in the world, but they want everyone from the third world to come live here.

    UPPER MANHATTAN - Leftist version of Mecca.

    HOLLYWOOD - A palce where multi-millionares tell you how evil rich people outside Hollywood are.

    FLYOVER COUNTRY - The place where the Deplorables live.

    DEPLORABLES - and stil yet, another sworn enemy of Leftists.

    CONSERVATIVE UNDERGROUND - A forum that Letists fear to speak of.
    CU's Paranormal Expert.

    Keep your powder dry, your sword sharp and your wits intact.
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