sheshe2 (50,947 posts)
And then she said

Melania Trump: 'I'm the most bullied person on the world'

You can't make this shit up.

That's because she isn't 'making it up'. ANYONE reading DU would agree that the level and degree of bullying by the Jack*ss left towards Melania is just as she says.

Anyone saying that it isn't happening is LYING. But then that's what liberals do....lie all the time.

Cha (215,162 posts)

3. Melania lives with the BIGGEST BULLY in the WORLD..

What does she expect!?!

Excellent Graphic, she.. Thank You!
Right. It's all about President Trump. And the jack*sses claim that they are 'for women' and are feminists. Here they're claiming that Melania is nothing more than her marriage to President Trump. I guess that would mean that the women who are on DU are nothing more than their attachment to their husband. Nothing but trash, like they treat Melania.