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  1. #1 Where have all the "Christians" gone ... 
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    Where have all the "Christians" gone ...

    … long time passing? Where have all the Christians gone, long time ago?

    Where have all the Christians gone? Gone to Trump-humpers, every one. Oh, when will they ever learn?"

    Well, folks, it seems obvious that those self-declared “good Christians” have abandoned their much-touted principles – assuming they ever had such principles in the first place – in order to worship the lying, pussy-grabbing Orange Calf who represents everything they once pretended to abhor.

    A self-proclaimed pussy-grabber is now their idol. A man who has lied, cheated, and stolen from hard-working Americans has now replaced The Nazareen, who admonished his followers to care for the hungry, the sick, and the homeless.

    Those “good Christians” who once touted their adherence to Jesus’ teachings are now fully supporting a “pResident”, and a party, that ignores those teachings when politically convenient – and what “convenience” they expect in return is anybody’s guess.

    Where are the “Christians” who once abhorred bearing false witness when this “pResident” lies on a daily basis, and seeks revenge against those who oppose him?

    Where are the “Christians” who have endlessly bragged about their superior morals, their unwavering adherence to Christ’s authority over their lives, their immovable stand against those who choose to ignore the very principles that Jesus himself set out in no uncertain terms?

    Gone to Trump-humpers, every one.

    Oh, when will they ever learn? Apparently never, because today’s so-called “Christians” have now shown themselves to be no more interested in their religious beliefs than they’re interested in their country or the well-being of their fellow man.

    Message received, “good Christians” – and fully noted.
    Easy. The 'good Christians' took a critical look at the so called 'pussy grabber' (who didn't admit to actually grabbing anyone's 'pussy', just that there were women who were so enamored with wealthy influential men that they'd allow it for the prestige or pay day), and then they took a good critical look at Hillary Clinton and Democrats.

    And the corrupt Democrats with their liberal agenda and their unborn baby killing sacrament came up MUCH WORSE than an immoral man who had conservative beliefs.

    It's LAUGHABLE that the Jack*ss Party thinks that Christians should vote for Democrats, who they do not agree with on MANY IMPORTANT issues BECAUSE they don't agree with President Trumps morals.

    Arrogant, narcissistic idiots.

    NanceGreggs (24,040 posts)

    9. I appreciate that.

    But here's the problem: I don't see those who purport to be "true Christians" denouncing those who have hijacked their religion.

    I don't see "true Christians" marching in the street in order to counter the hypocrites who are preaching the opposite of Christ's teachings.

    I don't see "true Christians" fighting to overthrow those who are wrongfully representing what Christianity means, and the principles it stands for.

    In times like these, "turning the other cheek" is not a demonstration of holier-than-thou virtue - it is a sign of go-along-to-get-along cowardice.

    If anyone has a righteous motive to fight back against the faux-Christians, it's the real Christians - and their collective silence is deafening.
    Right. "True Christians" are those that believe abortion on demand is a sacrament that must be allowed, that homosexuality is just another normal lifestyle (ignore the fact the bible says it's a sin), that one doesn't have to obey the laws of our country if one doesn't agree with them (deporting illegal aliens IS NOT against God's laws), and that there really isn't any such thing as 'sin' that should be avoided, and those who vote Democrat. /s

    Leftists try to shame Republicans/conservatives because we DO have morals. Democrats have NO MORALS, or ever changing morals that justify whatever they say, do or believe, so they think they can do and say whatever they want without being held to account for it.
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    Just what I need, some drunk off her old ass Canadian telling me about my religion and what I should and shouldn’t be doing. Replace the word “Christian” in your post with the word “Muslim” and then read it back to me, Nance.
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    True Christians don't march through the streets to protest anything. It's not in the teaching of Christ. Followers of Jesus are taught to live in the world but not be part of the world. Christians are to be an alternative to worldly behavior, not to be influenced by culture but to influence culture by living humbly and peacefully.
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    So Nance is back to attacking "True Christians"
    and Trump!!!??? Who a thunk it????

    May the FORCE be with you!
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    As soon as I saw the thread title, I knew .......

    NG's familiarity with Christians is as distant as her relationship with distilled spirits is intimate.
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    There are so many different branches of Christianity that it is ridiculous to think that one branch should confront the other about politics. About criminal matters or other ethical issues, such as the priest abuse scandal, fraud committed by pastors/televangelists, cultish practices, spiritual abuse of members, etc., the church should be critical of those situations. But politics?
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    So, Nance is encouraging Christians to get vocal, take to the streets, wave signs, stand in front of....
    Planned Parenthood offices
    Abortion clinics
    GLAAD offices
    Individual churches as well as denominations who are performing same sex marriages, ordaining active homosexuals, encouraging illegal immigration among other things I can't think of off the top of my head
    Companies and universities that are encouraging LGBTQXYZBS, gender fluidity, and other gender confusions
    Boy Scouts of America until they go back to being a male only organization and refuse to allow homosexual leaders?

    Glad we have your support, Nance.

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    I've had to explain this so many times, yet the brainless, bigoted, Christophobic vermin remain too stupid to listen, so I'll explain one more time:

    Christians DO NOT approve of the various moral failures President Trump has had in the past. However, as President, we support him because what most American Christians want most of all is simply to know that their rights to Freedom of Religion will be protected, and President Trump has proven through his actions to be able and willing to do that.
    Before him, we were under the thumb of Obama, whose administration was filled with one example after another of him deliberately seeking ways to give the finger to Christians and trample their rights, while simultaneously kissing up to Muslims every chance he could get. Right from the start, he ended the White House's official celebration of National Day of Prayer, which had been a White House tradition for over sixty years and whose roots go all the way back to George Washington. At least one year, Obama didn't give any kind of public address for Easter, yet did so for several Muslim feast days. He was the first President who said the White House now had a "Holiday Tree" in December. The only times Obama quoted the Bible in public would be to insult or criticize it in some way. Worst of all, he put forth his repulsive Birth Control Mandate, in which Christian pro- life employers would be forced by law to compromise the teachings of their faith and basic dictates of their consciences by forcing them to pay for their employees' abortions as part of their health care plans, or else be branded as criminals. This was an obvious violation of their First Amendment right to Freedom of Religion, yet Obama didn't care in the slightest.
    If Hillary had been elected, it is guaranteed that she would have continued if not flat- out worsened Obama's war on Christianity. In a public speech shortly before she officially began her 2016 campaign, she openly said that people's religious beliefs "Need to be changed" in order to advance her psychotically pro- abortion agenda.
    In contrast, let's look at President Trump:
    About three months after taking office, he issued an Executive Order which, among other things, reversed Obama's Birth Control Mandate so that Christian pro- life employers who object to abortion along religious grounds can now be exempted from the Mandate. In May of this year, he brought back the White House celebration of National Day of Prayer, and gave a great speech at it.

    In short, American Christians would MUCH rather have a president who, while not exactly a paragon of decent moral behavior, is willing to at least ensure we can practice our beliefs in peace. This is in notable contrast to the Dem leaders like Obama and Hillary who display open hostility to the Christian faith and are eager to try and make our beliefs a crime.
    As for the claim about how Christians should care for the needy and homeless, THEY DO! The most real good done for the homeless and needy is done not by overreaching government bureaucrats and programs, but by Christians who, through their churches and charitable organizations, run shelters and soup kitchens, organize donation drives, and so on. A key example of this (Though admittedly it was from before Trump's administration) was found in post- Katrina New Orleans. While FEMA and the other government agencies were tripping over their own feet and doing more harm than good, and while their brainless mayor of New Orleans and governor of Louisiana (Both Democrats) were spending all their time blaming President Bush for problems that were caused MUCH more by their own incompetence, it was the Christian groups who came driving in from all over the country to help and waded through raw sewage to get food, water, and medical supplies to the survivors.

    Maybe this time it'll stick and it'll be a while before the DUmmies repeat that same stupid message yet again.
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