That book sounds so stupid.
"We will collect all of the old toys, Swift, and make them new again. We will reuse last year’s wrapping paper."
Recycling and remaking old toys? So, rather than work hard to make new toys, they'll have Santa take the lazy way out and do a half- assed job. Great message to send to impressionable children.
Oh, and reusing last year's wrapping paper, like so many liberal ideas, is well- meaning but ultimately wouldn't work, for a few reasons:
1. It would be in such poor condition and small quantities from being torn off last year's gifts that they would be unable to reassemble enough of it to wrap another gift, and even if they could, it would look like crap.
2. It would be too weak to hold together a year later without coming apart.
I think I have an idea for another liberal propaganda book they can use next Christmas. It'll be called "Barack Claus,' and here's what it will be about:
Barack Obama is unhappy with the "Unfair" and "Discriminatory" practice of Santa Claus giving presents to nice kids and coal to naughty kids. Obama thinks Santa should "Spread the toys around," and sends him a lengthy letter ordering him to do so. When jolly old St. Nick refuses to do so, stating that it's wrong to reward kids who are bad, Obama has him kicked out of the North Pole and imprisoned for comitting a hate crime, appoints himself as the new Santa, and sets out a new Christmas strategy in which, in the name of "Social justice," presents meant for the good kids will instead be 'Redistributed' to the bad kids.