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    A human fetus has the capacity to become what you describe as a human person. A fetus will ALWAYS become a human adult, a person. Always. A tree will never become a person. A dog will never become a person. A piece of metal will never become a person. A mosquito will never become a person. A cow will never become a person. A human fetus will ALWAYS become a person.
    You say that a "person" has the right to live. Well, the source of every person's existence is a human fetus. Going off of your points, no other "non person" will become a person. A fetus, which you believe is not a person, will ALWAYS become one. Yet you fail to take note of this fact.
    Unless it doesn't die. You've been saying this for pages, Mythic, and its just not that relevant. Capacities are the very features that cause us to sympathize and empathize with a being's suffering or joy. Without those capacities there is no being to consider from a moral standpoint. Its flesh, not a being. Potential to attain these qualities is something to consider... but its subordinate to the person who must lend her body to the process.
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