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Funny. I have the same feeling about every single one of your posts. This one is no exception.

Sacrificed on the altar to the gods Me, Myself and I. It's not the baby that's important to cherish and protect; it's the "woman's choice."

It "wasn't an issue" because (a) it wasn't performed often, (b) those that did perform abortions were on the desperate fringe, and (c) when they were performed, it was hidden away.

But your post, Willyboy, is your typical Grade A nincompoopery.

Why would he, pray tell? Why would you even think that even crossed his mind? How braindead are you, Willy, to criticize meg's post for being stupid and then follow that up with your own personal brand of stupidity?

Looks like Fag Boy has no reply to your post. He needs to get busy sewing quilts.