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    Quote Originally Posted by FlaGator
    Spot on if you ask me. Abortion is sacraficing a fetus's life in order for one to have an easier life. Isn't that the reason for abortion? A person aborts their offspring in order to avoid taking care of it and spending money on it and changing their lifestyle because of it. Abortion is ritualistic in nature. One goes to the priest/shamam (doctor), pledges tribute (pays the medical costs) and then a ceremony is performed that enhances the seekers life by sacrificing their child in a ritual (abortion procedure).
    Good point. The two can be compared. I would say that sacrificing a child is worse than sacrificing a fetus, but both are wrong.

    Quote Originally Posted by wilbur
    It is scientifically demonstrable that almost everything that truly makes us a person, an autonomous being, is our cognition... our brain.
    I will argue for pro life without bringing in relgious beliefs, souls, or even...yes...even vegetables. I hope that knowing this you will be happy. It is also scientifically proven that a fetus is alive at the moment of conception. And the brain is not what makes us a person, our unique DNA is. One's DNA controls how the brain is made, what someone looks like, etc. By removing that fetus, that life, you are destroying a unique bit of human DNA that can never be replicated ever again.
    Quote Originally Posted by wilbur
    It is demonstrable that abortion harms nothing, causes no suffering or pain.. unless there are complications for the mother
    Well abortion harms the human life by destroying it, but I can see your main point was that abortion causes the fetus no pain or suffering. So because the fetus does not feel pain, it is ok to kill it? Say that these young children who were being burned in these rituals had been given sleeping gas or some sort of drug that would prevent them from feeling any pain. According to your logic, the killing would then be justified.

    I know you are going to respond by saying that a child is different than a fetus. But then you could also say that a child is different than an adult. An adult is a fully developed human, and a child is a developing human, where a fetus is just the start of the process of human development. A child has no less worth than an adult, and a fetus should have no less worth than a child. Without a fetus you have no child. Even without bringing religion into this, I cannot see how one can justify abortion.
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