The caravan of migrants headed toward the U.S. is an “elaborately planned” ploy that’s benefiting gangsters and human traffickers who are smuggling children, according to Guatemalan officials — who just rescued 7 unaccompanied minors being smuggled inside the caravan.

“There’s lots of human trafficking,” a Guatemalan official told Judicial Watch. “MS-13 gang members have been detained and coyotes (human smugglers) are joining the march with clients who pay to get smuggled into the United States.”

Democrats and the mainstream media have breathlessly advanced the false narrative that the migrant caravan is an organic, spontaneous movement of hapless Central Americans in pursuit of the “American Dream.”

In reality, officials in Guatemala and Honduras say the caravan is a well-organized, well-financed, orchestrated movement intended to destabilize Central American countries and/or bombard the United States with thousands of poor Latin Americans.

“It’s very strategic and extremely organized,” a Guatemalan government official told Judicial Watch. “There is nothing spontaneous about it.”
And what news outlet will carry this tomorrow ?