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    LONDON (AFP) — Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams warned Monday that governments should not pursue dogmatic solutions to the financial crisis at the risk of the most vulnerable, saying that is what the Nazis did.

    Writing in the Daily Telegraph newspaper, he said Hitler's movement was based on a system of principles that "worked quite consistently once you accepted that quite a lot of people that you might have thought mattered as human beings actually didn't".

    Williams, the most senior cleric in the Church of England, said that in the current climate, "what looked like a principled defence of some of our economic assumptions... seems more ragged and vulnerable than it once did".

    He questioned the human costs of measures to tackle the downturn.

    "What about the unique concerns and crises of the pensioner whose savings have disappeared, the Woolworth's (bankrupt store) employee, the hopeful young executive, let alone the helpless producer of goods in some Third-world environment where prices are determined thousands of miles away?" he asked.

    Williams added: "How we all work is vastly complicated -- no one is pretending it isn't. But without these anxieties about the specific costs, we've lost the essential moral compass."
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    It's pretty choice to hear Rowan go on about losing a moral compass. He's helped to run the Anglican ship aground for that very reason: he lost the moral compass.

    He wouldn't know a moral compass if it dropped on his head. :mad:
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